Belgian ASO Startup AppTweak Raises $500k To Fuel Growth Of Its App Store Optimization Services

Nov 24, 2015, 09:57 ET from AppTweak

BRUSSELS, Belgium, November 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

AppTweak, an App Store Optimization company empowering app developers to gain visibility in the store, and helping companies to lead the European market with its multilingual keyword tool, has closed today a $500K round of funding from Be Angels (network from Belgium) including a group of investors operated by the international investment platform Go Beyond, and Media Group Rossel, an influent Belgian based media conglomerate, marking its second round of funding in this year.

The additional funding will be used by AppTweak to expand its sales and development team, pave the way for the integration of additional languages and improve app store intelligence with new features and functionality. AppTweak will also use the funding to develop business and engineering capabilities to grow and improve its platform, which provides an instant automated and personalized ASO report for any app in the stores.  

To equip app developers, app marketers, app market analysts and to cater to larger accounts, the company has also developed, an API allowing a single point of access to more than 3 million apps from both Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Launched in August 2014, AppTweak's ASO platform reports 21% monthly growth in the last 13 months and now counts over 400 accounts in more than 40 countries of which 42% are from Europe. Currently leading the European market, AppTweak targets companies seeking the next level of growth and innovation for their apps such as globalization.

AppTweak provides a multilingual keyword tool based on a homemade dictionary using native and optimized keywords in 6 different languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German and Portuguese. AppTweak is the only ASO company that provides native keywords in several languages.

According to Forrester Research, 63% of mobile users find apps through browsing and app store searches. Even though the app stores are getting smarter, app discoverability remains a great challenge to app developers, making App Store Optimization the major focus for app companies across all app categories.

"In order to help smaller app developers struggling to get their app known, AppTweak provides both easy-to-use and powerful weapon to monitor, build and iterate their ASO strategy", says Olivier Verdin, AppTweak's co-founder. "AppTweak seeks to level the playing field by equipping indies and small to medium-size app studio to compete with the dominant players and help them go global in the process", he adds.

By providing data through a single-page report with tailored, actionable and personalized recommendations, AppTweak facilitates the lecture and the comprehension for its users. Sensing a business opportunity and a gap in the market, AppTweak has focused on offering people the tools to make their app companies a success. The majority of other ASO platforms are overwhelming for users having no clue about ASO or lacking time to get themselves into complex data or long competition analysis.

"Top line numbers are adding up to show the app marketplace is maturing, creating the ideal conditions for a 'long tail' of smaller app developers to generate significant revenues with their apps," says Peggy Anne Salz, Top 30 Mobile Influencer and chief analyst of MobileGroove, a research and consulting firm focused on mobile apps and business transformation trends. "More opportunity for more app developers means more apps and certainly more competition to get found - which is why app store optimization will move up on the agenda as developers and companies invest in the tools and talent to ensure their apps hit a high rank, not end up on the heap."

"AppTweak is clearly leading the ASO competition in Europe. The simple and powerful ASO reports helps marketers to stand out of the crowd in UK, France, Germany, Spain and Portugal. This round of funding will help AppTweak to leverage on more languages and increase their reach on the European market", says Claire Munck, CEO at Be Angels.

About AppTweak 

AppTweak empowers app developers and marketers with tools and techniques to improve their app store visibility, increase app rankings and drive organic downloads. The company, headquartered in Brussels, Belgium and founded in 2013 by Olivier Verdin and Sebastien Dellis, counts over 400 accounts in more than 40 countries, including Zalando, Samsung, LinkedIn, Etsy, Merkle, RunKeeper, Reality Games, Boyaa, S4M and more. To equip app developers to get their app discovered, AppTweak's solutions include: App Store Optimization (ASO) platform; Personalized and Recommended Actions; Competition Analysis; Reviews Analysis; Analytics and Powerful Multi-Lingual keyword tool. The company also offers Consulting Services and an API Access.

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