Bellucci Challenges Olive Oil Industry with Trace-to-Source Technology in New App for Consumers

Oct 08, 2015, 10:12 ET from Bellucci

SEATTLE, Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Released on Apple iOS and Android this week, the free Bellucci App traces Bellucci Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) to its origin in rural Italy and teaches users how to taste for freshness and flavors distinct to authentic EVOO. It supports users in developing the tasting skills needed to identity flavors unique to harvests, regions and olive cultivars. A recipe section highlights EVOO's flavorful impact on food.

"Our trace-to-source technology allows us to fulfill consumer demand for authentic, fresh, healthy, and honest EVOO," said CEO Gerard Jara. "We are able to connect small family growers in Italy directly to our customers through this innovative app."

The Bellucci App comes in the wake of revelations that 69% of extra virgin olive oil on US store shelves is not what it claims to be, knowledge about the sourcing, ethical production and authenticity of fine food has become increasingly important. People who once identified as foodies are transforming into rooties as they seek both real information about the origin of the food they eat and the ability to detect authenticity through tasting skills.

The Bellucci App addresses this need and supports consumers in their demand for truth in labeling.

Research featured in the New York Times article, "Extra Virgin Suicide" by Nicholas Blechman [] determined that EVOO often comes from a source other than what is indicated on product labels. It has been shown that a variety of other oils are being fraudulently used to dilute EVOO, and that acidity levels in the majority of oils do not meet the threshold for true EVOO.

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