Beneflex® Joint Relief Launches Nationwide

Apr 24, 2013, 03:00 ET from Direct Digital, LLC

CHARLOTTE, N.C., April 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Direct Digital, LLC, the developer of numerous leading health and wellness products, recently announced the launch of Beneflex® Joint Relief, an all-new, cutting-edge, joint support vitamin featuring a first of its kind, once-a-day regimen for powerful joint discomfort relief.  Direct Digital also sells Instaflex™ Joint Support, Nugenix™ Natural Testosterone Booster, Lumiday™ Natural Mood Enhancement and Luminite™ Natural Sleep Support.

Made with key natural, patented ingredients, Beneflex is a formulary revolution in the joint support category and is currently available exclusively at  Beginning in May, it will also be sold in GNC stores and GNC is the largest global retailer of specialty health items, including vitamins, supplements, and sports nutrition products.  In addition to 4800 U.S. stores, GNC can be found in 48 international markets.

Beneflex represents one of the most advanced, heavily researched ingredient offerings in modern nutritional joint science.  The patented ingredients in each small capsule contain a concentrated, proven format of quick, vivid relief.  In addition to the unique, one pill per day regimen, Beneflex contains four quality components: pure, undenatured UC-II Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Apresflex® – Boswella Serrata Extract, and Turmeric Extract.  In sum, Beneflex is comprised of key actives at maximum levels, rendering it a top-shelf nutritional product.

The launch of such a groundbreaking product is no surprise given the company also created Instaflex, the nation's top-selling joint support product in all GNC stores.  By introducing a new wellness product with ingredients radically different than those used in Instaflex, it provides the consumer options when selecting the most effective supplement for their own health needs.  A portion of all Beneflex sales will also support the work of the Arthritis Foundation

In addition to the importance of what's included in Beneflex, is that which isn't. By eliminating Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the product is shellfish-free and gluten-free.  Thus, Beneflex is a robust alternative for individuals with various dietary restrictions and is a perfect solution for those seeking relief via a non-traditional wellness formulation.

According to Direct Digital Co-Founder, Brandon Adcock, "Beneflex is a modern way of viewing joint relief and is a heavily researched, scientifically significant product.  The strides we've made as a company, and as a leader in research and development, are astounding. The initial results users experienced have been swift and profound." Adcock also states "obtaining relief is about improving mobility and living a complete life.  No one wants a limited activity level, and Beneflex may be a way to not only improve flexibility, but also rejuvenate the entire joint category."

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