Bensalem Police Department Adopts BodeHITS Local DNA Database Program

Fast DNA Analysis and DNA Database Solves More Property Crimes

Aug 27, 2013, 09:33 ET from The Bode Technology Group, Inc.

LORTON, Va., Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The Bode Technology Group, Inc. (Bode), a leading provider of forensic DNA analysis products and services, announced today it has entered into an agreement with the Bensalem Police Department to utilize the BodeHITS™ DNA service.  BodeHITS enables law enforcement agencies use DNA to help solve property crimes and other high-volume crimes, which are generally committed by repeat criminal offenders.  Bensalem Police Department initiated their DNA database program in 2010 and has collected more than 7,000 samples to date, all of which have been converted to the BodeHITS database at no charge to Bensalem.  The database, primarily consisting of DNA samples given voluntarily from individuals and DNA taken from crime scene evidence, has led to hundreds of DNA matches and has led to numerous arrests in cases that may not otherwise have been solved.

"The local DNA database allows us to use DNA technology on more crimes due to the program's cost-effective DNA analysis and fast turnaround times," said Bensalem Police Department's Director of Public Safety Fred Harran.  "Bode is one of the premier DNA laboratories in the country and I'm looking forward to a long partnership with them." 

BodeHITS' local DNA database is searched daily for DNA hits that are automatically reported to each participating police department. Receiving DNA hits early in the investigative process helps law enforcement solve more crimes and simplify the investigation of cases. 

"BodeHITS empowers law enforcement agencies to control what evidence is processed and drive the development of their local DNA database," said Mike Cariola CEO and President of Bode Technology. "Most crimes are solved by identifying suspects locally and the end goal of this program is to reduce crime.  The adoption of BodeHITS provides law enforcement agencies easy access to affordable and efficient DNA analysis."

BodeHITS service utilizes validated procedures that meet the FBI's Quality Assurance Standards and ISO 17025 accreditation requirements.  For more information, visit

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