Bentley University Installs 171 Evolucia LED Aimed Optics™ Cobra Head Parking Lot Lights

Reduces Energy Consumption by 145,679 KwH Eliminating Over 100 metric tons of Greenhouse Gases from the Environment

Dec 04, 2012, 09:30 ET from Evolucia, Inc.

SARASOTA, Fla., Dec. 4, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bentley University just several miles west of Boston, in Waltham, MA, is known for its high academic standards and first-rate business curriculum.  The University recently choose 171 110 watt Aimed Optics LED (light emitting diode) cobra head light fixtures from Evolucia, Inc. (OTCBB & OTCQB: ILED)  to replace the energy inefficient 250 watt Metal Halide fixtures that lighted the campus' upper and lower parking lots. 


"Bentley has really gotten 'down to business' when it comes to retrofitting campus buildings, parking lots and walkways with energy-efficient light sources.  With the addition of this most recent parking lot project, we have cut our energy consumption by 636,972 Kwh saving the university $106,724 in energy costs annually.  That translates to 439 metric tons of greenhouses gases avoided or the removal of nearly 87 cars from our roadways," said Bernie Farrell, Assistant Director of Facilities Operations, Bentley University.

In addition to saving nearly 63% in energy costs, the Evolucia Aimed Optics technology puts the light exactly where it is needed so that there is no light trespass or light pollution.  The parking lots are bathed in a bright white LED light enhancing the safety and security of the campus while at the same time allowing students to enjoy a beautiful dark night sky. 

Lighting representative, Joe Lyman of Lymlight Sales, Peabody, MA added, "We brought a sample Evolucia Aimed Optics fixture and tested it in the parking lot. The performance—light color and light distribution--was excellent.  Now, after the installation, a student can walk from one end of the 163 acre campus to the other without ever really being in the dark.  Colors pop, cars are easy to find and an already safe campus feels even safer."

Lyman worked with Allston, MA-based electrical distributor Standard Electric Supply for product sourcing and Salem, MA-based, Hobart Electric for the installation.  NSTAR of Westwood, MA the local utility provided a $17,100 product rebate.

The 110 watt Evolucia LED lighting fixtures are extremely durable—well built for the harsh New England winters.  They exhibit long life, expected to last up to 100,000 hours with no bulb replacement needed.  In Bentley's case, total wattage consumed by the older Metal Halide fixtures was 50,445 watts annually.  The new Evolucia fixtures bring wattage consumption down to 18, 810 watts annually cutting the energy costs down for parking lot lighting to $14,292.31 from $38,329.37.

"Evolucia is proud to be a part of Bentley University's initiative to employ sustainable, energy efficient technologies throughout their campus," said Evolucia CEO, Mel Interiano. "This project demonstrates that LED lighting is an economically viable, environmentally beneficial, and a sustainable lighting alternative."

The recent lighting retrofit of Bentley University's upper and lower campus parking lots with Evolucia Aimed Optics Cobra Head fixtures shows that this business school certainly knows how to "run the numbers" when it comes to saving electricity, saving energy costs and saving the environment.  For more information on Bentley University visit  For more information on Evolucia's family of energy efficient LED lighting products visit

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All Evolucia products offer highly energy efficient, durable, commercial-grade LED lighting for both indoor and outdoor applications. The company's award winning cobra head and shoe box fixtures employ Evolucia's proprietary Aimed Optics™ technology, which increases light levels and visibility by strategically directing light to the target area.  Evolucia fixtures require 50%-80% less energy than traditional lighting, and last for approximately 12 years without maintenance.

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