Bermuda's Former Premier Dr Ewart Brown Has Made a Statement Against the 'Politically Motivated' Arrest of the Chief Medical Officer at the Health Centre That He Founded

Jun 17, 2016, 10:10 ET from Bermuda Healthcare Services

HAMILTON, Bermuda, June 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Dr Brown told journalists in Bermuda: "I feel compelled to speak out because of the unjust and unwarranted arrest of Dr Mahesh Reddy, Chief Medical Officer at my company Bermuda Healthcare Services, who has devoted many years to the people of Bermuda.

"This is the latest in a long string of malicious slurs and false allegations made by my political enemies in Bermuda and the UK. After many years of fruitless investigation, it is time for the prosecutors and the police to put up or shut up," he said.

"They have conspired to discredit me because of my past political views as the former Premier and the decisions I took in office such as granting asylum to US security cleared Uighur refugees previously detained at Guantánamo Bay and challenging the authority of the then Bermudian Governor.

"I took these important decisions, despite the extreme displeasure of the UK Foreign Office and the UK Government, because they were the right thing to do.

"However, such actions have led to a long running politically motivated payback campaign of harassment against me with individuals being hired to conduct entirely unfounded investigations, causing great ill-feeling on the island.

 "I have assisted investigations and provided complete transparency in accounts but now they are trying to get to me by harassing my associates.  

"Dr Reddy had his home raided at dawn by no less than eight police officers, based on no more than a suspicion that he had been overusing MRI and CT scanners to make more money.  

"Dr Reddy's lawyers have challenged the legality of this unjust arrest raid on his home and are seeking compensation.

"To be clear, these suspicions are completely unfounded. I set up Bermuda Healthcare Services to bring much needed and overdue improvements to healthcare services in Bermuda.

"Every scan carried out has followed all the procedures set out by recognised professional bodies and is reviewed by an independent panel of radiologists in the US. We have never received a single complaint concerning these very necessary diagnostic procedures.

"I owe it to the ordinary people of Bermuda who have seen their health standards improve to put a stop to this damaging and unwarranted harassment."

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