Research Reveals the Best Christmas Gift Plants for the Non-Gardener

Nov 23, 2015, 05:57 ET from Ltd.

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As Christmas is fast approaching, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. But fear not, with Best4Gardens wide range of quirky, easy care gift plants, there's sure to be something for everyone. From New additions for Christmas 2015 to a wider range of Best4Gardens most popular flowering gift last Christmas, festive Christmas ideas can be found for the non-gardener.

New Range of Magic Bulbs 

This year Best4Garden have a new wider range of the Magic Amaryllis Available; Snow, Art and Vibrance. As one of the most popular Christmas gifts last year, for Best4Garden, these magical bulbs are a unique Christmas present. The No-Grow Amaryllis Bulb is able to grow without any care needed - No need for soil or watering. Given a few weeks these plants will soon open out to display their large show of flowers; around the size of a small plate. All of the bulbs are dipped in a wax coating with added decoration, and a stand attached to keep them upright. The snow Bulbs have a glittery snow covering, whilst the vibrant range has a velvet effect and a brightly coloured wax option. The art range this year focuses on three well known artists - Picasso, Van Gough and Vermeer.

Massive Flowering Dry Bulb 

Another Amaryllis option is the Massive Dry Bulb, this bulb is around three times larger than the average sized bulb. This Dry Amaryllis Bulb is sure to produce masses of stunning flowers once planted. This Bulb is a very easy to care for plant suitable for even the least green-fingered people.

Care-Free Cactus Frame  

If a plant that is free from care is what you're looking for then Best4Garden has a Trio of Cacti Frame. The Cactus frame is a quirky plant set that can be cared for by all. A collection of three cactus varieties is included in the Modern-Rustic frame. Display as a table-top or hanging decoration for an instant room uplift.

Unique Gift Plant for Loved Ones  

Best4Garden also supplies a new collection for this year, of heart shaped, hanging air plants. These make an ideal gift to send your love to someone special. A ceramic shaped heart surrounds the air plant, with the ability to be hung or used as a desk plant. These unique, cool gift plants are available in a range of sets and colours. A simple gift that can last for many years with only limited care needed.

All of Best4Gardens plants can be sent directly to the recipient with options of gift wrap and hand written, personalised cards. A wide collection of other quirky and easy to care for gift plants and plant sets can be seen on their Website. (





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    Cactus Frame available on website for £15 or Amazon for £20 

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    Heart Air Plant available on website from £7.99 or Amazon from £12.99 

    Magic Amaryllis Art available on website from £12.99 or Amazon from £22 

    Magic Amaryllis Snow available on website from £12 or Amazon from £12 

    Magic Amaryllis Vibrance available on website from £13 or Amazon from £17 


3.  Company Background: Best4Garden specialises in providing green solutions to ensure that gardening can be both easy, comfortable and enjoyable. Established since 2006, with the Enviro Lawn edging range, we now act as a manufacturer, wholesaler and ecommerce retailer. Another speciality is our wide range of gift plants that can be sent anywhere in Europe. These can be gift wrapped with hand written personalised cards.