BestAir® Chlora-Clear® - The Only Humidifier Filter That Neutralizes Chlorine in the Water

May 01, 2015, 13:00 ET from RPS Products, Inc.

HAMPSHIRE, Ill., May 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- RPS is launching its new line of portable humidifier filters that neutralizes chlorine in the humidifier water.  Today's consumers are savvier than ever.  They understand the health risks associated with chlorinated drinking water.   Chlorine concerns among users have spawned significant growth in the at home water filtration market and, more recently, shower filters designed to remove chlorine from the water.

The Chlora-Clear® humidifier filter wicks are designed to neutralize 100% of the chlorine in the water on the wick.  It utilizes the same EPA recommended process that municipal water treatment companies use to neutralize chlorine from their waste water prior to disposal back into the environment.

In the past, humidifiers have been marketed that had a separate filter to neutralize chlorine.  This required an extra step on the part of the user to actively monitor and replace the de-chlorination agent.  The idea of replacing two separate filters in the humidifier didn't gain much traction with consumers.  "Our thought process was to keep it as simple as possible for the end user so we have developed a patent pending technology that infuses a de-chlorination agent within the wicking media of the filter to effectively neutralize chlorine while it is on the wick and before it is evaporated into the air.  We call this technology Chlora-Clear®," said Curt Weber, Senior Vice President of Marketing.

RPS will be launching the Chlora-Clear® Humidifier Filters under our BestAir® brand for all channels of distribution starting in Q3, 2015.  Weber states: "We believe so strongly in this technology and its benefits that we are planning for a full conversion to have in all of our Humidifier Filter wicks."

The Chlora-Clear® humidifier filter wicks are designed to last from 6 – 18 weeks depending on wick type/size, usage & relative humidity.   The life span of Chlora-Clear® is designed to coincide with the life of the filter.  When the user changes the filter with a BestAir® filter wick, they get a new filter with Chlora-Clear® protection.

RPS has been a leader in the indoor air quality sector for over 50 years, with multiple manufacturing facilities in the Greater Chicago Area. 

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