Bestselling Author Sam Parker Challenges Mainstream Leadership Approaches In His New Book, Lead [simply]™

Jun 14, 2012, 15:35 ET from

RICHMOND, Va., June 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bestselling author Sam Parker takes on mainstream leadership approaches in his just published book, Lead [simply]™. "It's time to wake up and start focusing on the real things that make a great leader," states Sam Parker


In a read that comes in under 30-minutes, he presents a simple framework that can be acted on immediately.  "Who has time to read a complicated matrix or mystery parable outlined in a thousand page book?" asks Parker. "It comes down to three simple things; Model. Connect. Involve."

The book outlines specific ideas on how to model the behavior you want to see, connect with the people you lead, and involve them as much as possible. "That's it," explains Parker. "That's your framework for leadership – your simple, day-to-day, in-the-trenches formula for creating that special team of people that does important and meaningful work...that cares to make things better...continually, every day."

A believer in the power of the little things, Mr. Parker's bestselling book, 212 the extra degree® has sold over a million copies around the world. He hopes Lead [simply] will help drive home the message that the simple things can have the biggest impact on making things better. "It's time for those in a leadership role to own the personal leadership accountability that leads to great results," states Sam. "Life is short. We're not here to fill or kill time."

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About Sam Parker 

Sam Parker is the author of two bestselling books – 212 The Extra Degree® and Smile & Move®. Both messages have caught on at thousands of companies, organizations, and schools as a way to encourage extra effort, care, and accountability. In addition to Lead [simply]™, Sam's other titles are Love Your People®, Cross The Line™, and SalesTough™. His work has led to speaking engagements around the country.

Mr. Parker is also the co-founder of, a company located in Richmond, Virginia. publishes all but one of Sam Parker's books (long story) and develops products around each message that help leaders kick off or support their meetings, goals or projects.

Sam lives in Richmond, Virginia with his wife Jennifer, their 3 children and their dog Sesto.

You can email Sam at If you're slightly more daring, he can be reached by phone at 804-762-4500 ext. 303.