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May 23, 2016, 05:00 ET from

LONDON, May 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Ladbrokes and William Hill are Now Live on Betfect 

By announcing the launch of William Hill on its platform, London-based tech startup Betfect has achieved a major milestone in its aim to completely revolutionise the betting industry. The startup is using technology to create a new level of engagement in the digital betting experience by launching a social network for comparing, making and sharing sports bets from the UK's leading bookmakers.

After decades of betting being a social activity, encouraging punters to gather in their local bookmakers or pub to discuss sporting events and share their tips, the upsurgence of technology and online betting has impaired the experience's social dimension. Betfect is bringing the social element back into betting by using newly available technologies to offer a one-stop destination for the betting community to share and test their betting tips, thus placing social interaction back at the centre of the online sports betting experience.

Betfect's technology allows users to use their existing online betting accounts to place, share and copy bets all in one place - forming an exclusive hub to interact, compete, track performances and share inside knowledge with the community. Users can manage their betting accounts from multiple bookmakers directly from The platform facilitates the entire betting process from the registration for new users to selecting bet and making deposits and withdrawals.  

While users can be registered with different bookmakers and bets can be placed through Betfect's website, the company is not a bookmaker itself and facilitates these functions through previously unavailable deep API integrations into the leading sports betting companies with whom the bet is accepted and settled.

Betfect's website went live last year with Ladbrokes. Following the launch of William Hill, Betfect is now positioning itself as the market leader in this exciting new segment, with two of the biggest European bookmakers now available.

Alex Rutherford, Head of Product Innovation at William Hill commented the following: "Creating a social network for the sports betting community, allowing users to stay connected while using our services is a great idea. We are delighted to boost innovation by helping and supporting startups like Betfect to increase the level of engagement amongst our customers and to bring new ideas to market.".

Announcing the major milestone for the company, Giacomo Alpago, Betfect's founder said: "We are delighted to be the first social sports betting application to fully and seamlessly integrate with both Ladbrokes and William Hill's APIs to provide an enhanced betting experience for our users. We aim to socialise the digital betting experience and do for the betting industry what eToro is doing for the financial trading markets. It is a major coup for Betfect that major operators like William Hill and Ladbrokes are keen to work with us to drive innovation in this sector in order to give punters the best betting experience possible."

Betfect's website provides advantages for all types of players, from beginners to expert tipsters. It simplifies the learning process for new bettors, creating a community for them to seek advice and allow them to copy enticing betslips, all with the click of a button. More experienced tipsters can compete with each other by climbing the leaderboard and they are also invited to join the competitions and reward programs to win prizes ranging from free bet offers to match tickets.

Following the launch of William Hill, Betfect is in the process of integrating additional bookmakers, sports data providers and releasing iOS and Android applications.

Joining the Betfect community is easy and free, just make sure you follow the right people.

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