Betfred: Cameron has Momentum Ahead of EU Referendum

Jun 21, 2016, 06:05 ET from Betfred

MANCHESTER, England, June 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

David Cameron's campaign to stay in the European Union is gaining momentum at the key period - just two days before the referendum.

The Betfred odds on remaining in the EU are today 1/4 with Britain 3/1 to leave which remarkably are exactly the same as they were 12 months ago when Britain's biggest independent bookie opened the market.

Around seven out of the ten people who have followed the trend of punting on politics wagering a record £1m-plus on the outcome of Thursday's vote are in favour of the Downing Street-led campaign to stay.

Last week the leave campaign was at its strongest with the Betfred odds closest at 8/13 to remain and 6/5 to leave - but over the weekend the remain campaign has rallied significantly with worries over the economy their trump card against fears over migration which is the number one issue for those who want to quit the EU.

Last year's general election with the prospect of a hung parliament led to £1m being bet on the outcome - and as polls closed Betfred paid out early on the Tories winning the most seats.

That followed the Scottish referendum where there was a much higher than expected turnout. But the battle for the Labour party leadership caught out Betfred with winner Jeremy Corbyn initially a 100/1 outsider to replace David Miliband.

Betfred spokesman Peter Spencer said: "We have already hit the £1m mark for the EU referendum. There have been some substantial five-figure bets on each side of the debate as well as regular punters interested in the Euro2016 football, horse or dog racing having a go on this huge political issue that is sure to hit fever pitch in the next few days. Should we stay in the EU or should we go is the number one topic of conversation across the land and that is no surprise as it has absolutely dominated the political agenda. People's livelihoods depend on this vote be they shop or factory workers, farmers or tradesmen and that's why they are putting their money where their mouths are."

"Jeremy Corbyn's elevation to become leader of the Labour party led to us pay out to some big winners - and as if there is not enough happening on this side of the pond Republican Donald Trump was not so long ago 100/1 to become the next president of the United States and is now 9/4 behind favourite Hilary Clinton at 1/3."

Betfred have established that the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland are much more in favour of remaining in the EU compared with England and Wales. London is emerging as the area where the remain vote is expected to be strongest with Manchester one of several northern cities where the leave vote is forecast to be highest.

The referendum will have a major impact on the next leader of the Conservatives with Cameron ending his tenure as PM at the end of the current parliament. Betfred have Theresa May 5/1 and George Osborne 7/1 who both want to remain in the EU to be the next prime minister after Cameron. Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson, who is the most high-profile leave campaigner, is 5/2 to get the keys to number ten after Cameron with fellow leave spokesman Michael Gove 7/1.   

Referendum On EU Membership  


    Vote To Remain in The EU 1/4
    Vote To Leave The EU     3/1

SOURCE Betfred