Better Vision App Magnifies and Reads Text Out Loud

Feb 06, 2013, 12:03 ET from The Vision Force Group

AMSTERDAM, February 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

To support visually impaired and dyslectic people in their efforts to read, the 'Better Vision' app has been developed: a functional and handy all-in-one  app that magnifies text and reads English, German, Spanish or Dutch text out loud on iPhones, iPads (mini) and Android devices. The app can also light up text and enhance contrast; useful for reading the paper, a menu, street names, and bus numbers or for recognising items in the supermarket. The 'Better Vision' app can also be used to help those who need reading glasses.

App replaces reading support aids

Due to functions such as magnifying, reading out loud, lighting up and enhancing contrast, the app can replace electronic or optically magnifying aids such as screen, telescope or handheld magnifiers and magnifying glasses. Aids that, in many countries, represent a purchase price of between 25 and 1200 euros (depending on the circumstances per country).

Characteristics of the Better Vision app

  • Between 2 to 10 times magnification of the image
  • Reading lamp (if the iPhone 4, iPad3 or Android 2.2 has a light function)
  • Reading out loud of English, German, Spanish or Dutch text
  • Contrast enhancing colour filters: choice of 6 different colors (positive/negative contrast)

The app can be purchased for € 5,45 euro /$ 5,99 and is suitable for iOS 5+ (specifically for iPad 3 and iPhone 4 and newer models) and for Android 2.2 (phones and tablets) and newer versions. The functionalities described above only work if the device has a camera function.

How many people worldwide have dyslexia or a visual impairment

About 135 million people worldwide have a visual impairment and 700 million people are dyslectic. Visual impairment (low vision) means vision that cannot be corrected by normal glasses, contact lenses, medical treatment or an operation and that the impairment hinders daily activities.

For the editorial team:

The Vision Force Group - The 'Better Vision' app was developed by The Vision Force Group, an organization whose aim is to develop innovative solutions to simplify the of lives of dyslectic and poor sighted people and to improve the quality of sight in everyday life.

Everyone on earth has the right to good vision. Therefore, the Vision Force Group supports the worldwide Vision 2020-goals - namely the eradication of preventable blindness and visual impairment by the year 2020. VISION 2020 is a global initiative of the World Health Organization (WHO) among others. The Vision Force Group also supports and promotes equal educational opportunities for people who have difficulty reading and writing and for free and equal education for everyone.  

SOURCE The Vision Force Group