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Taking a Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi to the stadium removes the hassle and makes the big game 100% fun.

Jul 02, 2013, 17:24 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, July 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- In summer, there's no better time to spend a day out at the ballpark, checking out your favorite Los Angeles baseball team—if you include the minor leagues there are a dozen in the area. As summer wears on, you may find it harder to muster the energy to brave the Los Angeles roads in pursuit of a Dodger Dog, or the sight of that ballpark grass that just never looks as impressive on TV as it does in person. Still, with the best taxi in Los Angeles from Beverly Hills Cab Co., there's no downside to spending a day or night at the park. Especially with the company's low Los Angeles taxi rate, Beverly Hills Cab Co. will take your mind off of traffic, parking, and even avoiding that extra ballpark refreshment or two that might impair your driving. It's also worth mentioning Beverly Hills Cab Co.'s great flat rate taxi to LAX as well, no matter if passengers need a West Hollywood, Culver City, or Bel Air cab.

The well-known problem with living in Southern California is the crowded roads, and almost-always-congested freeways. On days with baseball games, the freeways slow to a crawl, and road closures introduce a chaos that can be felt across the city. Unless you have a good audiobook, there's nothing to like about traffic, but Beverly Hills Cab Co. has drivers who know their way around the city so well, they can actually steer clear of the worst of it. Of course, in the passenger seat, there's much less to worry about. The lovely thing about taking a traffic-avoidance route in a Beverly Hills Cab Co. cab in Los Angeles is seeing parts of the city you may not have seen before, and maybe filing them away for when you get behind the wheel again. Beverly Hills Cab Co. will ensure that traffic doesn't keep you away from the ballpark this summer.

Parking is an obvious contributor to the aforementioned traffic problem, and while Dodgers and Angels Stadiums have certainly improved their parking organizations, and increased the capacity of their lots in recent years, frequent construction is still a nuisance when you're parking at a stadium. To make matters worse, every lot is full of the dreaded Southern California driver, a breed of human who doesn't make for good company on the road, and is known to snatch good spots that you had every right to. You won't need to worry about finding a spot when you pull up in a taxi. In fact, Beverly Hills Cab Co. drivers know all the best ways to the entrances, and can get you as close as possible. Their flexible driving style ensures that you'll be on the road one minute, and passing through the entrance the next, with very little time in between.

Finally, there's the best part of all: cutting loose at the ballpark, and maybe having a beer, secure in knowing you've got a reliable and safe ride home. This doesn't look like the best season for Los Angeles' baseball teams, so relaxing with a drink could be the secret to enjoying America's pastime.

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