Beverly Hills Cab Co. Makes Other Cab Companies Eat Its Low-Emission Dust

With a commitment to eco-friendliness, one family-oriented Los Angeles taxi company surges ahead

Jul 13, 2012, 15:17 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, July 13, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- If you live in Los Angeles you've probably already happened across a Beverly Hills Cab Co. vehicle or 20. They stand out, not just for being blue, but for being strikingly clean and scratch-free as well. The Toyota Priuses that make up a growing percentage of the Beverly Hills Cab Co. Los Angeles taxi fleet are the most glowing, and shiny of the bunch, but the older Ford Crown Victorias and minivans included in their supply of cars sport that same iconic blue. Soon however, bluer skies will be more than a decorative choice, but also a symbolic representation of the reduction in pollution their fleet helps bring about. By 2016, according to Merhabi, the blue fleet at Beverly Hills Cab Co. is going to be 80% green.

At Beverly Hills Cab Co., it's good to serve such an affluent group of communities like Bel Air, and Beverly Hills. However, Joseph Merhabi, the company's owner has larger ambitions than just providing premium taxi service in Los Angeles' expensive neighborhoods. At one time, one couldn't see their clean, azure fleet outside the markedly high-income section of Los Angeles County that gave them their name. Merhabi's grander purpose however is to shift Los Angeles taxi service in a more ecologically responsible direction, and step-by-step, he's making it happen.

This sort of commitment is refreshing for a business to publicize. After all, the taxi business is notoriously fraught with tough, no-nonsense businesspeople. While Merhabi is notable for his savvy entrepreneurship, it's the family-oriented nature of his business that makes his green commitment a possibility. Other companies, beholden only to short term sales graphs and stockholder demands couldn't take what on paper might appear to be a risk. "It's not a risk, actually," says Merhabi. "When you look at the trends, you can see that's the way the business is going."

A good cab company in Los Angeles must deliver the celebrity experience to its fares on a Saturday night, yes. But a great cab company delivers clients to their non-emergency medical appointments, errands and shopping trips come Sunday morning, and does so while remembering names and route preferences for frequent customers. Beverly Hills Cab Co. is the only cab company in Los Angeles that prioritizes that kind of personalized service. It's no wonder they're also ahead where ecology is concerned.

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