Beverly Hills Cab Co. Vows to Make Rides More Enjoyable Than Driving Yourself

At Beverly Hills Cab Co. They pride themselves on making your ride not just quick, but pleasurable

Sep 07, 2012, 19:17 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Beverly Hills Cab Co. has a lofty goal for the coming fiscal year, but you don't become the most beloved taxi service in Los Angeles without ambition. Beverly Hills Cab Co. wants passengers to report that their ride in a Los Angeles taxi was more enjoyable than giving themselves a ride in their own car. "Sure, our staff is up to it," says Joseph Mehrabi, the company head. "It was their idea," he claims.

There are challenges in the way, of course. Beverly Hills Cab Co. has worked for years to fight the image of a taxi in Los Angeles as a smelly prospect. Every Beverly Hills Cab Co. taxi is maintained by a dedicated team, not only to ensure reliability, and structural integrity, but to scrupulously clean the interior. The maintenance team performs routine inspections of the upholstery, making sure everything is in great shape before each cab leaves dispatch. Obviously smells aren't even a concern when the car is inspected for cleanliness this carefully. Mehrabi says his cleaning regimen is special "If the interior isn't ready for new fares to get in, I'll call it back to dispatch and have it cleaned at loss, just to ensure future passengers don't encounter a mess."

Moreover, the ride must naturally be smooth and without incident. It's impossible to guarantee traffic events won't pop up. But Merhabi has a plan: "A driver with a GPS won't get lost. But a Beverly Hills Cab Co. driver has a GPS in his or her head," he claims, "That way if traffic happens, you don't get stuck." It seems like a rational approach. "The only problem is you have to be selective about who you hire. They have to be some of the most knowledgeable drivers anywhere when it comes to Los Angeles' roads.

But when you're your own driver, you choose the route, and you choose the soundtrack. Fortunately Beverly Hills Cab Co. drivers are some of the friendliest around. "We're family oriented," says Mehrabi. "Our drivers learn the fares' names, preferred routed, even the music they prefer to listen to."

Other aspects of a taxi ride are inherently enjoyable, and that's what gives them the confidence to state this lofty ambition. "Fortunately, people like taking taxis most of the time," says Mehrabi.

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