Beverly Hills Cab Co. Welcomes Amanda Bynes to the World of Responsible Transportation

The actress and former Nickelodeon star made two smart choices in one when she picked Beverly Hills Cab Co. during a shopping trip this week

Sep 25, 2012, 13:25 ET from Beverly Hills Cab Co.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 25, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Beverly Hills Cab Co. makes no bones about it: If you've had a few too many, they're more than happy to take your call at any time for a taxi in Los Angeles. If you've reportedly had your license revoked, your vehicle impounded, or your car's been totaled higher than Sydney White's opening weekend box office gross, then you should put Beverly Hills Cab Co. on speed dial for taxi service in Los Angeles.

It would seem that over the last few months, Amanda Bynes has indeed had a few too many (that is if the courts are to be believed). On Monday, it truly turned into the Amanda show when a hoard of paparazzi chased her into a dressing room in a Los Angeles boutique, the day after her car had been impounded. Apparently she was seeking a little retail therapy to sooth her automotive grief, when a bizarre scene, which was widely reported in tabloids, unfolded.

Perhaps the paparazzi had a few simple questions on their minds: "How did she get here? Precisely how is she going to get home if the judge thinks she's a menace to our Los Angeles roads? Will there ever be a She's the Man 2?"

Beverly Hills Cab Co. was her choice, and while her judgment about personal responsibility may often be as cloudy as using hairspray in a poorly ventilated room, it's clear that her judgment in regard to Los Angeles taxi cab companies is not the least bit impaired. Beverly Hills Cab Co. has made a name for itself by providing the smoothest cab rides, and cleanest interiors in the greater Los Angeles area with many customers saying, "That's what I like about you, Beverly Hills Cab Co.!" There's no doubt that her drive to a nearby Starbucks was the most pleasant Los Angeles taxi ride money can buy.

While this high profile may be tinged with tabloid schadenfreude, Beverly Hills Cab Co. regards it as a serious and useful example of responsible behavior. Beverly Hills Cab Co. is a family-owned company with principles that extend beyond transporting passengers around Los Angeles.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. is the only cab company in Los Angeles that specializes in transportation to medical appointments, and providing transportation to those for whom driving has become a hardship, all that and more as detailed on their website. They also believe in learning passengers' names and route preferences. That means Ms. Bynes, like all Beverly Hills Cab Co. passengers, received world-class celebrity treatment and would probably give the service an easy A.

Beverly Hills Cab Co. wishes Ms. Bynes the best of luck in her upcoming court appearances, and hopes that she overcomes her present difficulties, whatever they may be.

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