Beverly Hills Dental Implant Provider, Dr. Kevin Sands, Explains the Advantages of Implants for Tooth Replacement

Jul 08, 2014, 09:30 ET from Dr. Kevin Sands

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., July 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Beverly Hills implants expert, Dr. Kevin Sands, today explains the advantages of implants for tooth replacement. As the leading option for replacing lost teeth, dental implants offer improved appearance, restoration of chewing ability and absolute stability. By choosing dental implants over other replacement options, such as bridge-supported crowns and removable dentures, users also enjoy long-term protection against complications of missing tooth roots, which include jaw bone loss and facial disfigurement. Because these issues can happen quickly after teeth are lost, patients should visit Dr. Sands as soon as they can to inquire about their eligibility for implants.

About Dr. Kevin Sands, Expert in Dental Implant Los Angeles

Beverly Hills dental implants expert Dr. Kevin Sands addresses the appearance as well as the oral comfort and functionality of patients who visit his office. Dr. Sands has extensive experience placing dental implants, making him an excellent choice for patients who recognize the benefits of this treatment for tooth loss. As a dental graduate of USC, Dr. Sands offers the latest techniques and tools in all of the treatments he offers so that patients receive impressive results that support their health and confidence. He has created many Hollywood smiles and strives to provide each patient with treatments to improve their smiles. Visit to learn more.

The cost of implants offers excellent value for patients who have lost teeth. With proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular exams, patients can expect their dental implants to last a lifetime. After fusion with the jaw bone, cheap implants remain stable when patients speak and chew and never slip or click. In contrast to bridge-supported crowns, dental implants include no hardware above the gum line, which means that implant recipients save time as well as money by avoiding the need for longer daily brushing on a daily basis. 

Patients who have lost single teeth, multiple teeth or all of their teeth can opt for dental implants. When patients lose even a single tooth, their other teeth are placed at risk of shifting even if a bridge-supported crown is used. Single implants are ideal in this situation, particularly for patients whose adjacent teeth are not stable enough to support a bridge.


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