Beyond the Plain Gold Band with the King of Jewelry

L.A.'s famed jewelry seller is seeing an increase in interest in diamond wedding rings designed especially for men

Jul 24, 2012, 20:13 ET from King of Jewelry

LOS ANGELES, July 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Traditional ideas regarding the roles of men and women have been changing for some time, so it makes sense that the next frontier might just be in the field of wedding and engagement jewelry. The staff at top Los Angeles jewelry seller King of Jewelry has recently noticed a major uptick in sales and overall interest in men's diamond wedding rings. Where once wedding bound males were strictly intent on purchasing the very finest diamond wedding rings for the special women in their lives, now -- for a host of reasons -- men are looking at increasingly elaborate rings designed especially for men.

We've all seen how gorgeously ornate the diamond engagement rings worn by beautiful women can be. It only makes sense then, that men should be able to share in some of the same enjoyment, albeit in a more masculine and perhaps more restrained style. The King of Jewelry's Men's Oval Cut Diamond Ring Solitaire Ring, for example, provides a more streamlined male take on the traditional diamond ring. The GIA certified Emerald Cut Solitaire Men's Diamond Ring puts the gem front and center with a straightforward, yet eye-catching, look.

Other rings go even further to differentiate themselves from traditional women's rings. The 1.00 Ct. Men's Diamond Ring Channel is set eight millimeters wide and features six channel set square diamonds for a truly striking look. Similarly bold, yet more traditional, is the channel set 1.00 Ct. Men's Princess Cut Diamond Ring. This ring truly sets off the beauty of the diamonds with an eye-catching yet masculine look that makes a statement about love and commitment that cannot be ignored.

The rings are, of course, beautiful, but they are much more than that. They are proof that, contrary to some stereotypes, men are just as romantic and bound by true love as women. One happy customer put the idea this way, "My fiancee is very expressive and I guess I'm kind of a traditional guy in that I don't tend to talk much about how I feel. It's one thing to tell her that I really love her, but it's a big deal for a guy like me to put on a ring that attracts this much attention . I know this will sound funny, but I think she was even more excited when she saw the ring I got myself than when she saw the one I gave her."

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