Beyond Verbal Introduces The Empath App, Identifying And Tracking Emotional Wellbeing Via Smartphones

Track emotional wellbeing for a deeper, holistic understanding of one's overall wellness

Jan 06, 2015, 06:00 ET from Beyond Verbal

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- DIGITAL HEALTH SUMMIT, CES It's not what you say, but how you say it: With Beyond Verbal's new Empath app, phones can now track personal emotional wellness. Based on the company's recently launched Wellness API, Empath empowers a smartphone to measure emotions and moods. When a user speaks into a phone, regardless of language, Empath identifies how they felt during an activity, or according to the specific time and day, and then tracks, logs and charts their emotions. The incorporation of Emotions Analytics™ into voice-capable applications and devices provides insights into overall emotional wellbeing.

"Emotional wellbeing goes hand in hand with wellness," said Beyond Verbal CEO Yuval Mor. "Empath provides users with a way to monitor and measure their emotional state, as well as a means to track it over time. Now, users can spot trends in their mood that they may otherwise overlook and better identify and monitor how different activities affect them. Beyond Verbal's mission is to bring this emotional intelligence to consumer technologies, with applications ranging from consumer wearables to robots, and to devices and cars. Empath is the latest realization of what is possible."

With Empath, users can detect their prevailing emotions, and chart them over the long haul to create an emotional wellness log that correlates moods with specific activities. Over the course of numerous outings, Empath determines the varying emotional effects of daily activities – such as running – and tracks mood shifts according to the time or day of the run.

Empath Features:

  • Activity Menu: Choose from Sports, Working, Eating, Socializing, Resting or Other
  • Easy Activation: Empath asks users to describe their activity by speaking into the device for at least 30 seconds
  • Language Agnostic: Empath's technology identifies tone of voice, regardless of language spoken
  • Real-Time Emotion Identification: Empath automatically identifies the dominant set of emotions in real-time from seven pre-defined mood groups: Sad, Happy, Angry, Worried, Cool, Enthusiastic and Frustrated. Empath's mood groups are based on the company's core complex mood engine containing more than 400 emotion variants.   
  • Chart & Record: The most dominant emotions that are detected from a user's voice are charted by time and date on the user's emotional map and recorded in a digital diary.
  • Track: Users can track and compare their emotional state across their daily activities, from running to eating to socializing, on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Beyond Verbal's cloud-based Wellness API, which powers Empath, is available for developers of mobile devices, wearables and applications. 

The Beyond Verbal Empath app is available for free download at Google Play:

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About Beyond Verbal
Launched in May 2013, Beyond Verbal Communication is leading a multi-billion dollar market of emotionally enhanced applications and devices. Led by an experienced management team, the company licenses its technology for use across multiple industry sectors, including consumer electronics, call center, market research, mobile-app development, health and wellness.

The company's proprietary technology provides real-time, full-spectrum emotional analysis of vocal intonations, regardless of the language. The ability to extract, decode, and measure human moods, attitudes and decision-making characteristics introduces a new dimension of emotional understanding called Emotions Analytics™.  Beyond Verbal's software is based on two decades of research by physicists and neuropsychologists who studied hundreds of thousands of subjects in more than 30 languages.

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