Beyondvia™ offers "Pointing After™" to Multiproduct Firms

Dec 22, 2015, 08:48 ET from Beyondvia

ATLANTA, Dec. 22, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Beyondvia™, a business advising service, has released unique science on how to sell and deliver multiple products to each customer. The distinct approaches are known as "All@Once™" and the "Pointing After™" experience, where client customers can easily visualize their perfect "day in the life" living with all client products working together.  Growth opportunities are significant, as client sales can double or even triple, and client customers will live happily in their "Pointing After" heaven. Key details can be seen at

The "Pointing After" experience utilizes visual approaches so customers immerse themselves in the company's multi products, managing customer selections to point to the best customer "after" experience possible. Once the "Pointing After" is established, Beyondvia™ consulting inserts specialized logistics and marshalling to support the transactional customer journey.  This visual know how creates customer Maps and Flows, organizing the customer treasure hunt to the pot of gold sensation of joy. Customer joy extends past the original purchase with each new purchase to refresh the customers' changing day in the life.      

Historically, Beyondvia thinking lives in some of the first SAAS/PAAS/CAAS applications, smart grid implementations, cloud control business models, and customer multiproduct alive scenarios.  "The real know how is how the end-use customer sees the entire after experience, and then relates that to the potential implications to integrate into their  day in the life," says Mark Grace, President of Beyondvia. "It's one thing to offer products, and quite another to live with your customer daily, refreshing daily and realizing their personalized "Pointing After" vision. It's not the journey that counts, what counts is successfully living the "Pointing After" now, with minimal customer effort. The more a customer is required to do, the less they will buy."          

The "Pointing After" approach unites historically fiercely independent business functions, like product managers, SBU managers, brand managers, and delivers the combined multiproduct experience "All@Once™"  to the traditional customers.  Customers no longer struggle with how to buy and put everything together—their "Pointing After" treasure map leads the way.  Sales double or triple, and customers' experience the joy of their full day in the life—everyone wins.

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