BIA Releases Enterprise Connectivity Feature

Connects TotalDiscovery with Active Directory, SAP's ERP HCM Solutions and Other Enterprise Personnel Directory Systems for Faster, More Convenient Legal Holds and Data Collections

Sep 19, 2012, 09:34 ET from Business Intelligence Associates, Inc.

NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Business Intelligence Associates, Inc. (BIA), a leader in eDiscovery software and services solutions, today introduced the new Enterprise Connectivity feature for, its pioneering cloud-based SaaS eDiscovery solution.  Companies can now connect enterprise systems to TotalDiscovery, enabling users to quickly and easily add employees to matters by searching on name, title, job function, department, location and more.

"Identifying employees for Legal Hold and Preservation purposes is quite challenging, to say the least, and often involves manually pouring through employee directories and H.R. systems," said Barry Schwartz, BIA Vice President of Advisory Services. "TotalDiscovery Enterprise Connectivity radically simplifies that process by leveraging existing H.R. and IT systems that organizations already use to manage and look up employees, like Microsoft's Active Directory, SAP's ERP HCM solution and others.  Moreover, by leveraging those systems, organizations can be more confident than ever that their Legal Hold and Preservation processes are comprehensive and complete." 

Searches even can be based on partial information.  Enter just an employee's department, location or even part of a title; TotalDiscovery will search for those characteristics, and then present a list of employees within the same intuitive TotalDiscovery user interface clients are already familiar with.

"TotalDiscovery users and business partners have asked for this powerful capability. Now that it's in place, it provides even more differentiation between TotalDiscovery and other alternatives," stated Schwartz. "Our goal is to continue to bridge the gap between SaaS and the enterprise, adding behind-the-firewall functionality to our browser-based platform and providing exceptional availability and convenience to our Legal and IT clients."

With minimal initial setup and configuration, and no hardware to purchase, TotalDiscovery is the only cloud-based, SaaS eDiscovery solution available that not only presents organizations with a unified solution solving their Legal Hold, Data Collection and Early Case Assessment needs, but also integrates with existing enterprise systems.

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