Big Banks Can't Match the Benefit of Customized Financing at Advantage Capital Business Loans

Though banks like Wells Fargo are trying to cash in on the bright future for small business professionals, savvy professionals know to stick with ACBL.

May 08, 2014, 13:56 ET from Advantage Capital Business Loans

LOS ANGELES, May 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- As any small business professional is well aware, there's no such thing as easy business loans from large banks and traditional lenders. In recent years, the hostile climate for small business loans has finally begun to improve, as is evidenced by a recent announcement that Wells Fargo will begin a new initiative that is dedicated specifically to small business lending. However, intelligent and experienced professionals will likely recognize that big banks like Wells Fargo are always focused on the bottom line, and any program they offer is certain to benefit the lender to a far greater extent than the recipient. The fact remains; there is still no lender as effective at providing valuable lending as Advantage Capital Business Loans for bad credit-holders and other ambitious professionals seeking to grow their companies for long-term sustainability and success.

"We know America needs small businesses to grow, add jobs and prosper for our economy to fully thrive," says Lisa Stevens, Wells Fargo's head of Small Business. Even as well-known and established banks like Wells Fargo are finally beginning to see that they can benefit from the innovative spirit of small business entrepreneurs, the relationship between small business owners and big banks remains tenuous at best.

In March, small business lending by large, traditional lenders dropped to 18.8%, a notable decline from 19.1% in February. This suggests that the path for small businesses seeking reliable funding is still riddled with potential pitfalls and roadblocks, and a single program at giant bank like Wells Fargo will is not likely to change the many hindrances to effective lending at big banks. However, even as lending appears to be stunted, small business lending from smaller lenders is on an upswing. Approval rates for loans from small lenders has risen from 51.4% to 51.6% over the same period – suggesting that the type of personalized, customizable lending offered at ACBL is catching on.

Since the inception of their firm, the team at Advantage Capital Business Loans has been dedicated to providing small business professionals with the lending they need to ensure their companies can thrive – regardless of credit score, collateral or other factors that frequently hinder entrepreneurial growth. At ACBL, a dedicated loan officer works with every client to create a loan with a manageable and affordable payback, and terms that reflect each recipient's individual financial challenges. Further still, since the principals at ACBL understand that time is always of the essence for small business owners, the entire funding experience at ACBL is only between 2 and 5 business days – a far cry from the unnecessarily drawn out and complex lending at most large multinationals.

It's gratifying to see that the high profile bankers at Wells Fargo are finally coming to recognize what has been clear for years – that small business is the driver of widespread economic success. However, managers, CEOs and CFOs at small and modest-sized businesses can be forgiven if they elect to forego Wells Fargo and other lumbering, impersonal multinationals in favor of the swift, customized financing offered at ACBL. For a no obligation custom business loan, contact Advantage Capital Business Loans for a free quote at (877) 379-0202, or online at

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