'big data' is a mechanical view of an organic environment

vzillion unveils vibrational intelligence - bubbles of 'conscious' energy

Sep 11, 2013, 09:00 ET from vzillion

MIAMI, Sept. 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- vzillion, announced the introduction of the company's vibrational intelligence strategy; utilizing vibration and their own proprietary patterning principle to create relational data.

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vzillion sees a tectonic movement beyond the era of big data. People, products and services all engaging in a unified energy exchange is their ultimate goal.

"Everything vibrates," says Antonio Collier founder of vzillion. "We see vibration as a language, as an inexhaustible source of energy and intelligence. Looking at the internet as an organism and not as a mechanism was a tremendous advantage. People are emotional, sensitive and caring beings. How can you understand them at the deepest levels if your environment isn't? Vibration has the ability to unify people and technology by speaking the same language. It has the potential to transform essentially every industry it touches."

The true mystery is contained not in gathering massive amounts of inert data. It is going deeper and deeper into the source of all valuable knowledge.

Much like the understanding that matter is not the indivisible source, data is at the surface. Vibrational intelligence penetrates right to the source.

"A steady vibration in perfect frequency keeping everything connected," said Sam Babiker, Senior Vibrational Engineer. "When there is a change in the vibrational pattern – triggers (ripples) are created, triggering a response. Perhaps the right music, program, application, product or service is engaged. Vibrational intelligence will have the ability to be utilized more like cells within the human body. A holistic mechanism that mimics nature and is smart and self- aware, that's sexy," added Babiker.

"Antonio challenged us to imagine a world without the internet and technology, not by thinking but by seeing the universe as never before. When we simply let everything be organic organisms rather than mechanical functions, it was magical. Seeing organically has given us powerful understanding into the world of vibrational energy. It is a tremendous humanistic endeavor that places the individual at the center of the technology universe." said Jared Hager, Lead Creative.

The use of vibration as a source of 'powering' everything from devices, programs and marketing allows vzillion to create its own vibrational energy grid. One that it can then understand in real time and give it the most intimate and true understanding of what is being felt at the moment.

"People are the essence of the internet. Most current internet and big data models take the approach of people as things; objects to be identified and rationalized into data sets and graphs. They are seeing through the veil of Newtonian Physics. People are organisms, not billiard balls. We don't see objects. We see bubbles of intelligent energy and the potential of understanding that energy. As the bubbles touch, we will become aware of 'knowledge' that, to this point, has not been seen. Imagine, a computer 'feeling' its way through a field of unified vibrations, that is the new data. We are on a divine collision course of humanity and technology," added Collier.

The company sees the creation of entirely new industries within entertainment, sports and retail to health & wellness, education and privacy. vzillion will be speaking about its 'o.s.c.' (organic super consciousness) environment, 'aware' (a beyond search mechanism), as well as other products and partnerships in future releases.

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vzillion, Inc. (VZIL) is a technology cultivation system whose nature is the creation of the individual internet.

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