Big Sale for GW and RS to Enhance US Europe Game Market

Sep 13, 2011, 09:00 ET from DinoDirect China Limited

HONG KONG, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- MMOXE.COM (another platform of, a virtual game currency organization, made available all items in a big sale for Guild Wars and Runescape last week. This activity has covered nearly all the items of GW and RS. Now it is in progress with positive feedback.

European and American players are the biggest game loving group. MMOXE.COM always holds such activities to solidify this big group. After completing this plan, they released this activity. The GW items involved in this activity are Zaishen Key, Obsidian Shard, Armbrace of Truth, Tormented weapons, Destroyer Weapons, Hot Sale Weapons, bone dragon staff, Mini Pet Everlasting Tonics and other GW Items. They hope GW fans can catch this opportunity to save money and equip them well. Of course, MMOXE.COM also provides other services to GW fans, such as guild wars gold, GW Power Leveling, GW CD Key and GW Title Power Leveling.

"I will catch all the chances to save money, including this one. I am a loyal fan of GW. I enjoy the complex game background story and the simple process. In the game there are a lot of game copies for us to challenge, so I am always in need of GW Gold as well as all kinds of GW items. This big sale activity for GW is a good chance for me to save. Guild War 2 is around the corner. I also want to buy some guild wars 2 gold to have a try. As a GW fan, I am very looking forward to the new series," one of MMOXE.COM's VIP customers said.

"Aside from WOW fans, the Guild War fans and RS fans are the largest customer group we are serving. Thus our services on these two games are quite full-scale. We have a professional staff improving and providing all kinds of GW services to the game players. I am just one of this team. We have enjoyed favor of a large amount of GW and RS fans. This kind of activity is held almost every month involving all kinds of games. This is one of our methods to reward our regular customers and supporters," one of the MMOXE.COM staff said.

To reach the goal to be an international game currency trader, MMOXE.COM also provides good services to the Asia players, such as rs gold, tibia gold, wow gold and ffxiv gil. Their next goal is to expand their business in the Asia game market.

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