Bigfoot Hunter, a Unique and Innovative Camera Game Available Exclusively on iOS Thursday, November 5th

Appealing graphics style, and tight controls perfectly suited to iOS come together to bring a brand new experience to the global mobile market.

Nov 05, 2015, 17:00 ET from R2Games USA Co., LIMITED

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Global games publisher R2 Games, in collaboration with The Tap Lab, will soon be launching a new mobile title with unique augmented reality gameplay mechanics.

From the USA branch of R2 Games, in collaboration with The Tap Lab, comes a camera game designed from the ground up specifically for iOS devices. The genre of this title is hard to define, developers themselves describe it as "influenced by our childhood memories of playing the N64 camera game, Pokemon Snap™, and the classic NES game, Duck Hunt™. A hilarious movie called Harry & the Hendersons™ also served as our inspiration for the theme"

As the name of the game suggests, Bigfoot Hunter tasks players with tracking down the ever elusive Bigfoot and his friends, and immortalizing them photographically. Players will use their devices as a would-be camera to snap pics of cute forest critters while searching campsites, meadows, and various other thematic areas for signs of Bigfoot. Once located, the game takes a frantic turn as the friendly giant rushes from side to side, trying to avoid the gaze of the camera while striking playfully taunting poses.

Also featured in the game is a photo booth, letting players superimpose character and item stickers earned by playing Bigfoot Hunter on photographs in real time using the camera. These photos can then be saved and shared with friends in the Bigfoot Museum, a social hub within the game.

This new partnership with The Tap Lab cements R2 Games' ongoing drive to bringing unique and fresh games to their global audience. David P. Chiu, Vice President of R2 Games USA comments that "We are always on the lookout for uniquely creative titles from talented developers, so Bigfoot Hunter from The Tap Lab was a natural fit for us. We jumped at the opportunity to work with them to bring this project to fruition."

David Bisceglia, Co-Founder & CEO of The Tap Lab described how, "The idea for Bigfoot Hunter came out of a game jam we hosted at our studio back in 2013. We're thrilled to be bringing this unique camera game experience to market and to be working with R2 Games USA as our publisher -- they genuinely love our game, are extremely developer-friendly and have a comprehensive understanding of building, distributing and running live ops on free-to-play mobile games."

To download Bigfoot Hunter from the iTunes App Store, visit the link below.

About R2 Games

R2 Games is a global online game publisher that specializes in delivering microtransaction-based, free-to-play mobile and browser games to markets around the world. R2 Games' growing portfolio includes mobile and browser hits such as Clicker Heroes, EZ PZ RPG, Wartune, and League of Angels. With its international team R2 Games manages marketing and PR, locates distribution channels, and carries out day-to-day operations including customer support, community management, and event design/implementation. Visit for more information.

About The Tap Lab

The Tap Lab, founded in 2009, is a mobile gaming studio based in Cambridge, MA. The team's mission is to create the 'future of fun' with games that take full advantage of modern mobile devices. Their upcoming release, Bigfoot Hunter, has won multiple awards for its unique gameplay that merges virtual and augmented reality on mobile. Visit for more information.