Bill Kazmaier, Hall of Fame member and 3-time World's Strongest Man, shares the instant benefits of the 2015 FDA cleared Dolphin Neurostim device

Bill Kazmaier recently discovered the Dolphin Neurostim technology, he states, "My shoulder felt better right away, it helped my body, my equilibrium, I am running, my gait is different" after just one treatment. (See attached video for full testimonial.)

Dec 01, 2015, 07:56 ET from Dolphin Neurostim

TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Dolphin Neurostim, the first point locator and stimulator to be cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter use, is now available in the United States enabling patients to treat themselves for the first time at home. The device is a self-help pain management system, originally recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for prescription in 1993.

Dolphin Neurostim is a hand-held, microcurrent device that brings relief of chronic pain without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or extensive therapies. It gently emits a minute DC current to balance the autonomic nervous system, stimulate the production of endorphins (the body's natural pain reliever) and improve circulation. To locate and stimulate key treatment points, an internal point finder lights up and emits an audible tone when a point of low impedance is located, improving accuracy and pain outcomes.

The Dolphin is accompanied with a comprehensive protocol manual that helps the user through the entire treatment process. The manual shows the key trigger and acupuncture points to be treated for over 100 common chronic pain ailments from back pain to diabetic neuropathy. These cutting edge pain protocols were developed by combining traditional acupuncture, modern neurology, and physical therapy techniques with microcurrent stimulation.

Senior Dolphin Instructor: Kelly Armstrong, OTR/L, MPP
International author, speaker and educator Kelly Armstrong (aka the "Queen of Scars") has been an Occupational Therapist for over 20 years and has specialized in Chronic Pain Management for the past decade. As a Pain Management Instructor, she is the co-author of the books: Acupuncture for Women's Health, Functional Acupuncture for Pain Management, Functional Acupuncture for Health and Wellness and Functional Acupuncture for Homecare. Kelly has been featured on ABC and has worked in partnership with Habitat for Humanity. To learn more, visit and

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