Billboard Companies Have a Hangover on Our Streets of West Hollywood!

Here's to the $$Millions the Billboard Companies make from Alcohol Billboards, CHEERS!

Mar 04, 2011, 17:47 ET from Sunset Strip, Inc.

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Images of giant bottles of alcohol that tower over our streets and viewed from our living rooms and bedrooms, messages that promote the mass consumption of beer, wine, vodka and whiskey dominate the majority of Billboards in West Hollywood, says Sunset Strip Inc. The Alcohol & Liqueur Industry are some of the largest clients of the Major Billboard Companies.  The revenue paid per month to a Billboard Company for a single alcohol ad in West Hollywood can be over six figures! The revenue the People receive from these ads is virtually nothing but living with the visual impact that Billboards have on their views.


The Billboard Companies make so much money from the Alcohol Billboards that they should at least buy all the People of West Hollywood a round of drinks. The Alcohol and Liqueur Industry has no problem with paying a fair Tax to sell and promote their products in the West Coast Sign Capital of America, West Hollywood.

The Alcohol Industry is one of the largest taxed industries in the state, as much as $3.30 in tax for every gallon of alcohol! The Billboard Companies are the ones who are fighting Measure A, the fair Tax on Billboards in West Hollywood that will greatly benefit the People. CBS Outdoor, Clear Channel Outdoor, Van Wagner, Lamar and Regency Billboards should be fair social drinkers and stop their over consumption of alcohol revenue.

The Tax on Billboards will provide a 12 month program for the Billboard Companies to sober up and generate over $4Million dollars every 12 months for the People and City of West Hollywood. The People would like a taste of the cocktail revenue the Billboard Companies have been enjoying.

Let's all have the right to a HAPPY HOUR in West Hollywood.  Vote YES to TAX BILLBOARDS. Vote YES on MEASURE A in March 2011.

SOURCE Sunset Strip, Inc.