Billboards Spread the Message: Learn How to Protect Children from Child Abuse

Mar 24, 2011, 09:23 ET from Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance

HARRISBURG, Pa., March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The message is simple but important: "Learn How to Protect PA's Kids from Abuse." Many Pennsylvanians began seeing that message on March 23 on billboards along major highways throughout the Commonwealth.

It's part of an awareness campaign designed by the nonprofit Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance (PFSA) to run during Child Abuse Prevention Month in April.

The billboards give PFSA's website address at "" It's where concerned Pennsylvanians can turn to get information on how to prevent child abuse and what to do if they suspect it's occurring.

As part of the same campaign, nearby companion billboards will deliver another message—"Protecting PA's Kids Every Day"—on behalf of agencies affiliated with the Pennsylvania Council of Children & Youth Family Services.

"We're basically promoting a dual message—education and action," said Angela Liddle, executive director of PFSA. "We want Pennsylvanians to come to us to find out what they can do to protect children from abuse. We also want Pennsylvanians to know who to turn to when they need someone to intervene. The messages back up each other."

The billboard locations are along the main route of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, the turnpike's Northeast Extension, I-476, I-80, and I-79.

More than 25,650 cases of suspected abuse were reported in Pennsylvania in 2008, an increase of about 1,600 over the previous year. Fifty children died from abuse. Reports of child abuse occurred in all 67 counties of Pennsylvania—urban, suburban, and rural.

PFSA works through schools, early childhood education centers, religious institutions, and social service agencies to teach "mandated reporters" to recognize the signs of child abuse and neglect and how to appropriately report such cases. Mandated reporters are professionals who frequently come into contact with children in the course of performing their jobs and are required by law to report abuse and neglect.

PFSA also works with affiliated member agencies across Pennsylvania to provide information, educational materials, and programs that teach and support good parenting practices. In addition, PFSA is the Pennsylvania sponsor of The Front Porch Project®, which helps members of the general public become more aware of how to protect children and support families in their own communities.

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