Bio Landscape Unveils New Tree Pruning Services

Houston Area Business Keeping Trees Healthy and Safe

Aug 22, 2013, 15:07 ET from BIO Landscape

HOUSTON, Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Bio Landscape is a full service company dedicated to tree maintenance. In addition to inspecting trees for health and treating various issues, they also now offer tree trimming to improve the appearance and health of trees. With effective pruning, trees are better able to withstand windstorms and continue growing for many more years.

It's normal for the crown of a tree to be riddled with dead wood. As storms move through the area, that wood is picked up and blown away. Unfortunately, this poses a hazard for people and objects on the ground in the area around the tree. When the crown is treated, the dead wood is trimmed away to prevent it from falling and injuring someone or damaging property.

The tree's crown can become thick with growth that becomes a wind sail. When the growth is too dense, the tree is more likely to topple in a powerful storm. Thinning the crown selectively removes healthy growth around the top of the tree so wind can pass through it without harming it. This requires experience and skill to effectively thin the tree without harming it, and Bio Landscape excels at this service.

The crown of the tree can become too large for an area, or it may become misshapen as a result of frequent storms. Bio Landscape can control the size and shape of the crown through careful reduction, raising, and restoration. All of these services are meant to either control the size of the tree or adjust the shape to a more natural and aesthetically pleasing one.

Broken branches should be removed and trees should be thinned to allow for airflow. Young branches should be pruned while they are still green to avoid damaging the tree, and larger branches should be treated when the tree is dormant. Bio Landscape knows how and when to trim trees to promote the health of the tree. They save branches that have strong U-shaped angles and trim away those with weaker V-shaped angles. They look for small branches to remove and allow the larger ones to remain for the health of the tree. Careful pruning allows the tree to focus its resources on healthy, strong branches and minimizes the risk of the tree becoming weak with age.

There are several benefits of pruning trees. Without the dead branches filling the crown, yards remain clean and safe. Trees that are properly thinned are less likely to come down in storms, and maintained trees enjoy stronger growth. They can also be maintained at a certain size by addressing new growth and regularly trimming the tree.

Bio Landscape & Maintenance is a trusted tree company in the Houston area. They offer a full range of services, including crown restoration, raising, thinning, cleaning and reduction. The company also offer tree removal services for trees that are too large, hazardous, or out of place. They adhere to ISA pruning standards, and they have ISA certified arborists on staff. Providing customers with ongoing maintenance and one-time services, they can help residents and businesses take care of their trees. Interested parties can reach the company at 713-462-8552.

Media Contact: Vanessa Peace, BIO Landscape, 713-462-8552,

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