BioInformant Announces Sponsorship of 2015 World Stem Cell Summit, Shares Aligned Mission for Stem Cell Advancement

Nov 19, 2015, 08:38 ET from BioInformant Worldwide, LLC

WASHINGTON, Nov. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BioInformant, the only market research firm to serve the stem cell sector since it emerged, announces its sponsorship of the upcoming World Stem Cell Summit produced by the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI). The conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, over December 10-12, 2015.  

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The event is the world's largest interdisciplinary meeting to bring together stakeholders from across the stem cell and regenerative medicine spectrum. Described as GPI as bringing together "prominent industry leaders, scientists, clinicians, venture capitalists, policymakers, and advocates," the event will provide seven different course tracks featuring 200+ speakers.

BioInformant's President/CEO, Cade Hildreth, has a personal connection to the event. "On a personal level, I am enthusiastic to attend the summit, because I am the President/CEO of a global stem cell market research firm, but I am also a stem cell transplant recipient," stated Hildreth. "I utilized autologous stem cells to successfully heal an orthopedic injury that two prior surgeries could not address."

Founded in 2006 in Washington, DC, BioInformant is uniquely suited to sponsor the event, because it is the only market research firm to utilize diverse techniques for analyzing stem cell markets, including end-user surveys, traditional market metrics, and importantly, recently discovered social analytics, including data derived from social media sites, search engines, and online advertising platforms.

Called the "most innovative market research firm in the world," BioInformant has been cited on prominent news outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Nature Biotechnology, CBS News, Medical Ethics, Center for BioNetworking, and more. As the global leader in stem cell market intelligence, BioInformant serves notable clients across the stem cell and cord blood spectrum. Fortune 500 leaders on the company's client list include GE Healthcare, Pfizer, Goldman Sachs, Beckton Dickinson, and many more.

Also of importance to BioInformant, the summit will be well-represented by cord blood industry participants, because cord blood contains hematopoietic stem cells and cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells. In addition to stem cell markets, BioInformant vigilantly tracks cord blood industry metrics using proprietary dashboards and systems that trigger alerts when data exhibits unexpected variation.

BioInformant invested in sponsorship of the summit, because a key mission of the event is to spread awareness for stem cells, a vision the organizers share with BioInformant. BioInformant's stem cell industry blog ( is now approaching 100K views per month, with the goal to reach 500K views by mid-2017. BioInformant's social media accounts also function as powerful platforms for distribution of stem cell industry news. The company's Twitter account (@StemCellMarket) is the fastest growing stem cell account on Twitter, and BioInformant's President/CEO, Cade Hildreth, is a Top Influencer for Stem Cells on LinkedIn. BioInformant also has a subscriber base of stem cell industry executives and investors expected to surpass 10K by 2016.

BioInformant is privileged to be an Official Sponsor for the 2015 World Stem Cell Summit and thanks the Genetics Policy Institute (GPI) for the opportunity to support this momentous event.

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