Biological Drug API Manufacturing Services: World Industry and Market Predictions 2015-2025

Jul 24, 2015, 09:00 ET from Visiongain

LONDON, July 24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

Contract Manufacturing Organisations (CSOs) Serving Biopharma 

Outsourced Biopharma Production - New Analysis Showing You Revenue Forecasts
What is the outlook for making biological active pharma ingredients (APIs) under contract? Visiongain's new report predicts those revenues from 2015. There you see financial data, also assessing trends, technologies, clients' needs and opportunities.

Our study gives you sales forecasts to 2025 at overall world market, submarket and national level. Discover what's happening for those production services - outsourcing and off-shoring for biological drugs (biologics). That way you gain in knowledge, also helping your influence.

Please read on to explore that industry and see what future revenue it could generate.

Sales forecasts and discussions to help your research, analyses and decisions
Our study shows you what the future holds for those pharma contract manufacturing organisations (CMOs). You see technological and commercial outlooks for producing medicinal components of biologics. And you discover trends to watch.

Besides revenue forecasting to 2025, our new work shows you recent results, growth rates and market shares. There you find original analysis, exploring trends and developments. You gain 57 tables, 49 charts and two interviews with biopharmaceutical companies.

Gains through analysing those drug-making services - advantages for your work
Why miss information you need? Why struggle to find data? Instead let our analysis guide you through that outsourcing industry's present and future. Your search has just become easier.

Discover where trends in that pharma service industry lead, exploring where the money lies, finding the most lucrative opportunities.

Although no study answers every question, the following sections show how our new investigation benefits your work.

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Revenues for the world outsourced biological API market and submarkets
What are the secrets of that industry's progress? You explore the future of the overall world market for outsourcing that biopharma production.

First our report shows you individual revenue forecasting for three main submarkets to 2025, at world level, with discussions:

• Mammalian cell cultures
• Microbial fermentations (culturing)
• Other biotechnological (expression) systems for yielding medical products.

For API revenues, our study breaks its overall world revenue forecast to 2025 into these five therapeutic classes:

• Monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)
• Insulin
• Vaccines
• Interferons
• Human growth hormones.

That work explains what stimulates and restrains the biotech API industry, also showing you revenue trends and growth possible. You identify potentials and competition for companies providing those technologies and services to help pharmaceutical companies.

So avoid falling behind, missing business or losing influence. Instead discover how you can benefit by better understanding trends and opportunities from 2015 in that CMO industry.

Our study also gives you geographical revenue predictions for those services.

National markets - what outlooks for production needs and CMOs serving biopharma?
You discover individual revenue forecasts to 2025 for 14 national markets:

United States (US)
Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain (EU5 group) and Switzerland
Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC nations)
South Korea

For pharma service providers and their customers, many opportunities exist in developed and developing countries. Rising sales of novel biological drugs and biosimilars stimulate demands for outsourced producing of biologics.

There discover how you and your organisation can gain. You find needs and outlooks. Our work explains, also discussing issues affecting that outsourcing of bioproduction.

Developments, challenges and opportunities affecting producers of biological APIs
Our study explains forces affecting that industry and market from 2015, including these influences:

• Services in greatest demand for biopharma CMOs
• Development and proliferation of cell lines and expression systems, including emerging technologies
• Therapies in development (R&D) providing outsourcing opportunity for API makers
• Challenges in making vaccines and other complex protein-based and recombinant medicines
• Improving yields and efficiency in biopharmaceutical operations, including effects on downstream processing.

You also explore these aspects of the biologicals API market and industry:

• Next-generation antibody development, including antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs)
• Orphan drugs and personalised medicines - satisfying specialist production needs
• Single-use bioreactors (disposable systems) for API manufacturers
• Risks of overcapacity for biotechnological CMOs
• Regulations (GMP and other standards) affecting that biopharmaceutical contracting.

There you investigate political, economic, social and technological questions, assessing outlooks for trade. You explore forces shaping that medical business, influencing its success.

Leading companies and 2019 market value - what success is possible?
Our report predicts the world market for producing those therapeutic agents will reach $5.78bn in 2019, expanding fast from 2015 to 2025.

That analysis also shows you what organisations hold most potential. Companies our report profiles include these:

• Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence
• Celltrion
• DSM Biologics
• Lonza
• Samsung BioLogics
• FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies.

You also discover interviews with two companies in the industry - FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies and Avid Bioservices Inc. Hear what service providers do and think, helping you stay ahead and succeed.

Ways Biological Drug API Manufacturing Services: World Industry and Market Predictions 2015-2025 helps
In these five main ways our investigation helps your work, benefiting your knowledge and influence:

• Revenues to 2025 at world level, with forecasts for eight main submarkets - assess prospects for needs, demands, investments, marketing and sales
• Forecasts to 2025 for 14 national markets in the Americas, Europe and Asia - investigate developed and developing countries for commercial potentials
• Outlooks for established and rising contract service providers - explore competitors' results, technology, capabilities, potentials and strategies
• Interviews with companies - discover views to help you stay ahead in knowledge
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains the biological API market - assess challenges and strengths, helping you compete and gain advantages.

Information found nowhere else, helping your searches, analyses and decisions
Our new report gives independent analysis. In it you gain competitive intelligence found only in that work. That way you investigate progress and possibilities for that industry, exploring what the future holds, gaining revenue predictions.

See in our survey how you could help your research, analyses, decisions, proposals and presentations. Also discover there how to save time and benefit your authority, helping your reputation for commercial insight on the biologics industry.

Trying our study now gives you market forecasting from 2015 - stay ahead for information
Our new report shows you trends, opportunities and revenue forecasts to 2025 for contracted production of biopharmaceuticals. That analysis is for everyone examining biological drug making. So avoid missing out - please get our report here now.

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Organisations Mentioned in the Report 

3P Biopharmaceuticals
AbbVie Contract Manufacturing (part of AbbVie)
Ajinomoto Omnichem
To see a report overview please email Sara Peerun on
arGEN-X N.V.
Avid Bioservices (part of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals)
Banner Life Sciences (part of DPx Holdings)
Baxter International
Bioceuticals Arzneimittel (part of Stada)
Biogen Idec
Boehringer Ingelheim
Boehringer Ingelheim BioXcellence (part of Boehringer Ingelheim)
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Calico Life Sciences
Carbogen Amcis
CMC Biologics
Cytovance Biologics
DPx Fine Chemicals (part of DPx Holdings)
DPx Holdings
DSM Biologics (was part of Royal DSM, now part of DPx Holdings)
DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals (part of DPx Holdings)
Eli Lilly
EMD Millipore (part of Merck)
European Medicines Agency (EMA)
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Food and Drug Administration (US FDA)
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies
Gallus Biopharmaceuticals (part of DPx Holdings)
GE Healthcare
Genentech (part of Roche)
Genzyme (part of Sanofi)
Gilead Sciences
GSK Biopharmaceuticals (part of GSK)
Hexal (part of Novartis)
Hospira One2One (part of Hospira)
Infinity Pharmaceuticals
International Diabetes Federation
Kalon Biotherapeutics (part of Fujifilm)
Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA)
Kyowa Hakko Kirin
Laureate Biopharma (part of DPx Holdings)
Lek Pharmaceuticals (Sandoz)
Merck & Co.
Merck Biomanufacturing Network
Merck KGaA
Merck Millipore
Merck Serono
Millennium Pharmaceuticals
Millhouse LLC
Ministry for Food and Drug Safety [Korea]
Ministry of Health [Brazil]
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company
Nordmark Arzneimittel
Novo Nordisk
Nuron Biotech
Open Monoclonal Technology (OMT)
Opko Health
Patheon (part of DPx Holdings)
Patheon Biologics(part of DPx Holdings)
Peregrine Pharmaceuticals
Phyton Biotech
Piramal Healthcare
Precision Biologics
Prolor Biotech
Recepta Biopharma
Redwood Bioscience (part of Catalent)
Relthy Laboratórios (part of Catalent)
Rentschler Biotechnologie
Royal DSM (part of DPx Holdings)
SAFC (part of Sigma-Aldrich)
Samsung Bioepis (part of Samsung)
Samsung BioLogics (part of Samsung)
Sandoz (part of Novartis)
Schering-Plough (part of Merck & Co.)
SCM Pharma
Seattle Genetics
SICOR Biotech (part of Teva)
Stada Arzneimittel
Sunshine Biopharma
TAPI (part of Teva)
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceutical
Toyobo Biologics
Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD)
Vida Pharma
World Health Organization (WHO)
WuXi PharmaTech
Zhangjiang Biotech and Pharmaceutical Base Development (ZJ Base)
Zhejiang Jiang Yuan Tang Biotechnology
Zhuhai United Laboratories

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To request an exec summary of this report please email Sara Peerun at or call Tel: +44 (0) 20 7336 6100

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