Biomerix Corporation Signs Distribution Agreement with Medline Industries, Inc.

Oct 25, 2010, 06:00 ET from Biomerix Corporation

FREMONT, Calif., Oct. 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Biomerix Corporation, a medical technology company developing and manufacturing innovative hernia repair products, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Medline Industries, Inc., the nation's largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of medical and surgical products in the United States.  Pursuant to the terms of the agreement, Medline will commercialize Biomerix's novel composite soft tissue repair devices ASSURE™ and REVIVE™ in North America and Europe.

ASSURE™ with two distinctly different sides, features the Biomerix Biomaterial™ on one side, developed to facilitate rapid tissue ingrowth and healthy biointegration, and on the opposite side, the resorbable lactide caprolactone copolymer film designed to minimize tissue attachment to the device in case of direct contact with the viscera.  ASSURE™ is indicated for use in both open and laparoscopic ventral hernia repairs, soft tissue deficiencies, and for the temporary bridging of fascial defects.  

REVIVE™ also featuring the Biomerix Biomaterial™, acts as an ideal three-dimensional tissue scaffold facilitating rapid tissue ingrowth and the body's natural healing process.  The unique construction of REVIVE™ is engineered to optimize handling characteristics and deliver high mechanical strength.  The novel device can be utilized in a variety of soft tissue repair procedures and for both open and laparoscopic inguinal hernia repairs.

Kenneth G. Hayes, President and Chief Executive Officer of Biomerix Corporation stated, "We are pleased with this agreement and look forward to a successful, valuable partnership with Medline.  A skilled distribution and sales organization, Medline offers a broad field presence and a robust infrastructure.  We believe both ASSURE™ and REVIVE™ incorporating the novel Biomerix Biomaterial™, represent a significant technological advance in the repair of hernias and soft tissue deficiencies."

Medline recently announced the signing of a three-year national agreement with Premier Purchasing Partners, the group purchasing unit of Premier, Inc., to provide surgical mesh biomaterials used in soft tissue reinforcement to the more than 2,200 U.S. hospitals and 58,000 healthcare sites that are members of the Premier healthcare alliance.  The agreement, which took effect October 1, 2010, includes ASSURE™ and REVIVE™ products for the repair and reinforcement of hernia and other fascial defects.

"The addition of ASSURE™ and REVIVE™ with the unique Biomerix Biomaterial™, is a logical next step in our strategic effort to provide a broad portfolio of high quality products in the field of hernia repair," said Medline's Divisional Vice President, Marc Lessem.  "As we expand into more unique and sophisticated product lines, Biomerix offers the perfect blend of value and technology."

About Biomerix

Biomerix Corporation develops and manufactures novel and proprietary materials to meet the needs of the medical, industrial, and consumer markets.  Founded in 2001, Biomerix began developing a new class of polymeric material designed to support the tissue healing process.  By 2004, the Company achieved a significant breakthrough and created the proprietary Biomerix Biomaterial™, a revolutionary biointegrative synthetic tissue scaffold.

The Biomerix Biomaterial™ is a non-resorbable, cross linked, reticulated, polycarbonate polyurethane-urea consisting of an open-cell, three-dimensional, interconnected macroporous structure.  This unique scaffold translates into an ability to support predictable, organized fibrovascular tissue ingrowth.  The Biomerix Biomaterial™ is designed to play a role similar to the body's extracellular matrix (ECM), through the main phases of inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling.

To maximize the value of its material platform technology and capabilities, Biomerix has implemented a multifaceted business model. The Company selectively develops and manufactures OEM finished medical devices using the Biomerix Biomaterial™, supplies the Biomerix Biomaterial™ as a component for other medical devices; and collaboratively designs and develops custom materials with select business partners.

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About Medline

Medline, the nation's largest privately held manufacturer and distributor of healthcare products, manufactures and distributes more than 100,000 products to hospitals, extended care facilities, surgery centers, home care dealers and agencies.  Headquartered in Mundelein, IL, Medline has more than 900 dedicated sales representatives nationwide to support its broad product line and cost management services.

Over the past five years, Medline has been the fastest growing distributor of medical and surgical supplies in the U.S., serving as the primary distributor to over 450 major hospitals and health care systems.  As a leading distributor, Medline offers a comprehensive array of consulting and management services encompassing the supply chain and logistics, utilization and standardization, business tools and enhanced reporting capabilities, and on-staff clinicians.

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