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Oct 29, 2013, 11:37 ET from BIONOVA

NEW YORK, Oct. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- People who live in a seasonal climate know that wintertime is the most challenging for the skin. There are two reasons for that: (a) outdoor cold temperature, and (b) indoor heating conditions. If cold causes the skin vessels spasms to reduce the blood circulation in the upper part of the epidermis, the heat does the exact opposite. Overall, in wintertime the skin as the largest and protective organ, goes through constant adaptation of quick changes of temperature (cold/hot) that inevitably contribute to the skin dryness, affect the skin elasticity, texture and cause premature aging. Most sensitive targets become face, hands and feet.  



Common belief
Up to date, in wintertime, it is common to wear heavy, oil base skincare products for the "skin protection". This belief has changed with BIONOVA's arrival to skin care market. As the largest organ of the body, the skin requires a normal intercellular communication. The goal of the skin function is to serve as a protective barrier between environment and the internal organs. The oil base products clog the pores; interfere with normal functioning and metabolism that negatively impact the skin protective system.

In wintertime, the skin needs products that help physiologically enhance the Skin Barrier Function and as a result, its adaptation mechanism to constant changes in temperature.

BIONOVA's Solution
There is no singular substance that protects a Human body from harsh weather conditions but a whole complex of Bioactive Substances, like Bioactive Lipids, Long Chain Bioactive Carbohydrates, Structural proteins, Amino-Acids, etc.

BIONOVA's approach is to enhance Skin Barrier System by creating from above mentioned substances special NANO-COMPLEXES™.  The use of NANO-COMPLEXES™  in BIONOVA products enhances the protective ability of the skin; improves skin adaptation mechanisms to quick changes in temperature and humidity, helps maintain the skin normal elasticity, skin tone and texture; overall, preventing premature aging and proving with Healthy glowing skin.

BIONOVA's proprietary technology based on the Life Science Nanotechnology, offers a range of products that help the skin stay healthy in the winter season, specifically all BIONOVA's Facial & Body products.

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Dr. Michael Danielov