BIONOVA introduces a New Generation of The Neck Cream

Jan 29, 2013, 10:10 ET from BIONOVA

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to the neck anatomy (absence of bones that affix the skin) the neck tends to age faster than other body parts. 

Life Science Nanotechnology in Action
BIONOVA's Neck product is powerful and effective product for this particular area. Due to the nano-quantities nature of ingredients, the product softly and gently repairs broken links not interfering with body's natural processes. It is important to mention that product's biological active substances are replica of substances found in a human body. What is more, BIONOVA offers different Neck products for Men and Women, for Mothers' and Daughters'! The magic of Life Science Nanotechnology allows the level of customization never possible before.

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By selecting an Age Group (called levels), a customer defines the product's biological activity.    

Depending on the age level, the Neck cream helps: prevent premature aging, visibly improve skin elasticity, improve skin texture, even skin tone, restore skin's natural hydration and refine skin texture. It protects the skin against damaging of free radicals and oxidative stress.

The product enhances the skin's self-healing ability and increases oxygen utilization in the neck area through normalization of cell metabolism.

BIONOVA brand is not a quick fix and with continued use twice a day, the product gives the neck healthy, glowing look.

All this magic is possible due to the proprietary NANOCOMPLEXES containing bioactive substances such as: bioflavonoids and anti-free radical scavengers; multiple antioxidants with free-radical scavengers; oil and water soluble vitamins with their specific coenzymes and much more. 

The long ingredients' list of BIONOVA products reflects the skin's composition of a human body. All ingredients are equally important and have a designated function that is released only when working synergistically with the rest of bioactive substances. 

The Future of Life Science Industries
Life Science Nanotechnology raised the bar much higher by offering not only products that beautify the skin but primarily are oriented to healthy skin functioning.

BIONOVA brand is proud to be a leader in Life Science Nanotechnology offering new generation of products well known for its healthy approach to the skin and the results it brings.

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Dr. Michael Danielov