BIONOVA Skincare: Customization and Life Science Nanotechnology.

Customization in the Beauty Industry is no longer a new study.

Sep 24, 2012, 10:10 ET from BIONOVA

NEW YORK, Sept. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- 

Importance of Age Groups
BIONOVA, a pioneer brand based on Life Science Nanotechnology, offers customization based on Human physiology. As a result, there are no more same skincare products for Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons even if they have identical skin concerns. Age is a very important criterion that affects general metabolism, speed of biochemical processes on a cellular level, hormonal balance, self-healing ability and much more.

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Power of Nanotechnological approach
Today, personal trainer, personal diet became a common feature in our daily life. BIONOVA brought the same personal approach to the skin care by offering the N1-CUSTOM™ line. This line covers all criteria that effect skin function such as: Gender, Age, Ethnic background, Weight, and even the Weather condition. The technological ability composing NANO-COMPLEXES™ depending on a customer's Personal profile offers a solution to practically any skin concern.

The efficacy of BIONOVA products is determined by using NANO-COMPLEXES™. Each NANO-COMPLEXES™ contains from 80 to 100 bioactive ingredients. It is remarkable that all these ingredients come in the same tiny quantities (Nano and Pico) as found in a human body. Due to this fact, the skin easily recognizes and absorbs what it needs to restore its normal functioning.

Unique business model
The doctor's designed questionnaire is so precise that chances of formula repetition are 1 in 60 million! The unique proprietary database and software translate all answers into a formula. BIONOVA's lab technicians make a product from scratch as soon as it appears on the lab monitor. After making a product, it takes 12 hrs to reach equilibrium of NANO-COMPLEXES™ and after that the product is ready for shipment to any place in the world.    

Future of Life Science Nanotechnology
Each Century brings its new spin on any aspect of our lives. Life Science Nanotechnology is the next step in Skin Care and other Life Science disciplines: pharmaceutical and nutrition. Very soon, we will be able to customize our own medication and nutrition supplements. The ability to compose NANO-COMPLEXES™ allows gently, without interrupting the natural processes to assist the body to restore broken informational links. Life Science Nanotechnology is the future of life science disciplines for it's most logical, harmonious and healthy to the human body way.

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