BIONOVA Skincare introduces Dry Ear Treatment and Ear Irritation products

Jul 29, 2013, 10:10 ET from BIONOVA

NEW YORK, July 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Dry ear and ear irritation are a problem that exists in a large population of people, regardless Gender & Age. There are many factors that might cause ear skin dryness and irritation: swimming, perfume reaction, vigorous cleaning, medication, eczema, aging processes and other cause factors. Some people are particularly prone to the ear canal dryness and irritation.
Debris and cerumen (earwax) tend to trap water into the canal. It might cause skin maceration triggering the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.

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Both BIONOVA's NANO SKIN TECH™ creams for Ear Skin Treatment and Skin Irritation naturally increase skin lubrication in the ear area. Especially developed NANO-COMPLEXESTM (Antioxidants, Free Radical Scavengers & Bioflavonoids, Multiple Oil and Water-soluble Vitamins with their Coenzymes and much more) help reduce itchiness, maceration and inflammation of the skin in the ear canal. Both products reduce ear skin scaling, allergic reactions and irritation; protect the skin from the harsh environment. The major benefits of Ear care products are:

- Reduce ear canal dryness and re-establish its natural protection barrier;  
- Increase the activity of skin sebaceous glands producing essential skin lubricant
- Reduce maceration and itching of the ear canal
- Reduce ear skin scaling, exert anti-bacterial effects, clean ear canal
- Enhance the skin's self-healing processes
- Reduces and prevents ear canal irritation caused by multiple irritants (this benefit exists only in Ear Area Irritation Cream)

The beginning of the new Century marked a new direction in skincare. The new era of Life Science Nanotechnology allowed to expand to body parts that would not be considered under beauty category a short while ago. This new discipline started affecting the skincare concept, turning it from beautifying the skin to a skin treatment. This is the next logical step in this industry. Better understanding the skin function and technological ability are the keys of this inevitable progress. For consumers, it finally means Healthy treatment solution to many skin problems.

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