BIONOVA: Where Science Meets the Beauty!

Aug 27, 2012, 10:10 ET from BIONOVA

NEW YORK, Aug. 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- How often we hear beauty claims that fill our hearts with a hope. We all have dreamed of a miracle jar that meets our expectations! Time has come to understand that beautiful skin cannot be achieved without normalizing the skin function.  

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From Hope in a Jar to Results in the Jar!  

BIONOVA utilizes knowledge obtained in area of Human Physiology and Biochemistry. The founder of BIONOVA brand, Dr. Danielov M.D. Ph.D. is the author of more than 40 openly published scientific articles and one book in his field of research: "The Pathogenetical Mechanisms of Post-aggressive Reactions Development in the Organism". In BIONOVA Skincare brand Dr. Danielov combined his medical background with achievements in the fundamental science and offered a new concept, new solutions and most importantly, real results.

What is so unique in BIONOVA products?

  • BIONOVA products do not contain traditional for skin care ingredients such as oils, waxes, animal derivatives, herbal, vegetable or fruit extracts, These so-called 'natural' substances, are absolutely not natural for a Human Body.
  • BIONOVA products do not clog the skin pores and do not interfere with the skin normal cell metabolism. They work synergistically with skin own bio-physiological system to improve its functional condition.
  • BIONOVA products enhance body's self healing processes
  • BIONOVA created a new technological approach to imitate bioactive substances composition indigenous to a human body, called NANO-COMPLEXES™.
  • Each NANO-COMPLEX™ is composed of 80-100 bioactive ingredients that are specially formulated for each individual's skin type and problem including Aging, Acne, Dryness, Oiliness, Rosacea, Skin Inflammation and more.    

Proprietary technological tools used by BIONOVA:  

  • Proprietary technology (Opti-Path™) allows keeping together bioactive ingredients physiologically produced in a Human body, maintaining all their biological activity.
  • Proprietary NuCell Direct™ Delivery system that is a replica of a Human cell membrane. This durable delivery system serves as a strong and reliable vehicle for multiple NANO-COMPLEXES™.  

Miracle in a Jar!

BIONOVA is not a quick fix brand. This treatment line requires commitment due to the origin of NANO-COMPLEXES™. The brand promises to slow down aging processes and healthy, flawless skin to everyone!

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Dr. Michael Danielov