BioPower Operations Corp. Signs Global License Agreement for Patented Process to Reduce Landfill Wastes

Dec 05, 2012, 09:00 ET from BioPower Operations Corporation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Dec. 5, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- BioPower Operations Corporation (OTCQB: BOPO) ("BioPower") announces Global Energy Crops Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of BioPower, on November 27 has signed a global licensing agreement with Alternative Green Today, LLC. ("AGT"), a developer of patented technology that can produce fertilizer and ethanol from the wastes of poultry, hogs and human solid waste. This patented process takes one step to convert the wastes and requires standard "Off-The-Shelf" equipment with no need for pyrolysis, gasification, or supercritical operations.

BioPower believes this process may help to address major environmental problems affecting the United States and worldwide by converting waste into reusable products.  If commercialized, the technology has the potential for greatly reducing the amount of waste entering landfills.  The products that are produced from this patented process include ethanol, Class A fertilizer, animal feed and many derivative bio based products.

Randall Padgett, Managing Member of AGT stated, "We have been working closely with BioPower's experienced management team for several months and believe the execution of this license will greatly benefit both organizations.  BioPower has significant contacts with major corporations and municipalities that will help to develop projects quickly and rapidly and accelerate the roll out of the technology which will begin to immediately reduce waste going to landfills with each project."

Robert Kohn, CEO of BioPower, stated, "We are very pleased to secure the Global license for this patented technology as I have previously worked with municipalities and their recycling solutions for their waste streams.  We are putting a diverse team of strong bio industrial experience together to develop end products for the consumer and wholesale markets served by traditional distribution channels. The Company will initially target those organizations with significant needs to solve their waste problems including poultry producers, manufacturers producing sugar wastes and municipal water and sewage treatment facilities."

About Alternative Green Today, LLC

AGT is the developer of the patented technology that converts poultry, hog manure and sugar wastes into ethanol and organic fertilizer.  Other products, such as animal feed, can be produced by mixing the high protein content converted waste with feed additives.  The patented technology is a one step platform that integrates enzymatic fermentation process that requires no pretreatment of the feedstock before fermentation.  During the fermentation process the bacteria within the wastes are inactivated by the injected proprietary microbes that also hydrolyze natural biopolymers and simultaneously convert the hydrolyzed fermentable sugars into ethanol. 

The process can also convert human waste which is reduced from the conversion of it to ethanol and CO2.  Once commercialized, BioPower believes that the process will allow sewage treatment plants to reduce or entirely eliminate their sludge volumes and create saleable Class A fertilizer in lieu of delivering pressed sludge to a landfill in an environmentally unsound method. The process allows farmers to utilize the bacteria free solids to be sold and utilized as an environmentally safe soil amendment or fertilizer.  Savings result from less energy used in the processing of sludge, elimination of the hauling costs of treated sludge, and the added profit from ethanol and fertilizer sales.   Water utilized in the fermentation stage is recycled back into the process minimizing waste streams from the process. 

About BioPower Operations Corporation

BioPower Operations Corporation is a development stage, reporting company, focused on growing biomass coupled with the production and sale of biomass products and byproducts. The senior management team has analyzed numerous biomass technologies and various market niche opportunities resulting in short term plans to produce and sell bio oils from biomass that can be converted into food ingredients, nutraceuticals, biofuels, animal feed or electricity.  Biomass is a broad term that encompasses all plant and animal matter that can be used either as a source of energy or for its chemical components when converted into bio oils, biofuels, green electricity, animal feed and other valuable products. Global Energy Crops Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of BioPower Operations Corporation which intends to focus on the use of this patented technology with (1) poultry operations, (2) manufacturers producing sugar wastes and (3) municipalities.  GECC intends to provide solutions for the handling of animal and human waste including lowering the costs of disposal into landfills.

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