BioSpec Global Solutions Inc., signs production deal with Aequus Global Solutions of Toronto for manufacturing of the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) for U.S. and Canadian markets.

Jun 15, 2010, 09:00 ET from BioSpec Global Solutions Inc.

NEW-YORK, TORONTO and MONTREAL, June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - BioSpec Global Solutions Inc., and partner -ICBS Ltd. (OTCPK: ICBT), announced today that it will begin production of the new Aquasure Pro3000(TM) for the U.S. and Canadian retail markets. The first production units are set to roll off the assembly line within six weeks.

"BioSpec will be targeting the U.S. market for sales in 2010. The new Aquasure Pro3000(TM) model will be a method for the enumeration of total Coliforms and E.coli in fresh water. BioSpec Global Solutions will be moving to target well owners in the U.S. and Canada" said Don Saunders, President and CEO. "Given the advantages not only time advantage but the accuracy of these machines, they can equip the public with the technology needed to insure safe drinking water".

Globally, over two billion water, samples are sent to laboratories for microbial testing each year. That market is growing dramatically, fostered in the last few years by concerns about our food and water safety, spread of disease and pandemics, antibiotic resistant microbes, hospitals transmitted infections, and bio-terrorism. Present day testing methods are laboratory confined, take days to do, inaccurate, labour intensive and costly. Rapid at the source or on-site testing to address those problems has been solved by the development of the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) systems. The TOGS(TM) technology consists of a small portable, on-site instrument that is operated by a single press of a button This bio-photonic incubation/detection instrument detects and quantifies microbial contamination. The analysis results can be obtained directly on-site .

People who depend on wells or lakes for their drinking water are the most susceptible to E-coli contamination from farm runoffs and neighbourhood septic systems. Not only are people at risk from their drinking water, but farmers watering their crops with contaminated water can result in food contamination to the general public. The on site testing ability of the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) can eliminate that possibility. The Aquasure Pro3000(TM) is capable of multiple testing on a continues basis allowing the user complete up to date water conditions for pennies a day.

The Aquasure Pro3000(TM) empowers the user to identify and respond quickly to a problem, eliminating delays caused by weekends and transporting to the laboratory. The Aquasure Pro3000(TM) also eliminates the many false positives that result from loss of sample integrity caused by transporting, handling and hold time errors. Costly re-sampling and time delays are eliminated as well as packaging, courier and laboratory costs.

The company is also in the process of developing a major marketing campaign in the U.S.

The Aquasure Pro3000(TM) which is the companies commercial unit is being readied for production by RMF Design of Toronto.

"Our next target is the Asian market to which we have signed confidentiality agreements with Beijing Titan Instruments Ltd., for sales and distribution of the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) products in China." said Don Saunders. "We expect to manufacture these units in China.

Verification studies for the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) has been completed by Ryerson University and the instrument has, like the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) has, been accepted by the EPA in the U.S. for use in presence absence testing of drinking water when used with an EPA approved method and reagent. The Aquasure Pro3000(TM) has been used by the United Nation for a emergency relief project in the Dominican Republic.

The company holds worldwide patents on the Aquasure Pro3000(TM) and 9000 models.

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