Will Reveal What is Really in a Companion Bird's Food Cup

Nov 15, 2011, 17:22 ET from ZuPreem

SHAWNEE, Kan., Nov. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- ZuPreem, the No. 1 Selling Pelleted Bird Food Brand in the U.S. has launched a new website to help bird owners determine the nutritional value of the food they are providing for their birds. launched on July 15th of 2011 and has been met with rave reviews from bird owners across the United States.  As the user logs onto the site, there are several drop down menus with numerous food options to choose from.  Options include packaged bird diets and other miscellaneous items including bananas, broccoli, and (believe it or not) potato chips. An analysis is then performed and a bar graph reveals the results.  The visual results have been described by users as an impactful image of what their birds are really eating.  Once bird owners have a better vantage point, the site will provide them directional information on how to adjust their bird's diet for a longer healthier life.

"This website is the first of its kind.  Every bird owner has a different philosophy on what he or she feels is "ideal" nutrition. This site will scientifically support the nutritional needs for birds and provide tips on how to feed the best nutrition possible," said Gail Shepard, Director of Marketing for ZuPreem.

Contrary to popular belief, an all seed diet is not healthy for pet birds.  Top veterinarians agree that an all seed diet does not supply exotic birds with the nutrition they require.  Seeds are high in fat and a diet rich in seed leads to obesity and can cause health issues. While using, bird owners will see their results alongside veterinarian recommended results.  

The site is meant to be an objective analytical tool and is free to all bird owners. The simple design allows users to navigate the site with ease.


ZuPreem manufactures and distributes foods for companion birds, small animal pets and animals in zoos. For 40 years, the company has been committed to the development of proven effective nutrition. The company, whose parent name is Premium Nutritional Products, Inc. is located in Shawnee, Kansas, and distributes products worldwide to pet specialty retail stores, veterinarians, breeders and zoos.