Birdman Fails To Make $5 Million Super Bowl Wager At

Feb 02, 2012, 21:38 ET from

PANAMA CITY, Panama, Feb. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ - Over a week has passed since hip-hop mogul Birdman tweeted to over 675,000 of his loyal followers that he planned on betting $5 Million on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI. Approximately 48 hours after the infamous tweet, reached out to Birdman, ready to accept the potentially record-setting wager.

Once stepped-up to the challenge, Birdman flew the coop; prompting the fastest growing sportsbook in the US to open odds on whether or not the bet will even be placed. On Thursday morning, was forced to close all of their Birdman props due to his inactivity and one-sided action.

"Even though the Birdman props were still getting tons of action, we had no other choice but to close them," stated Dave Mason from "For one, all of the action we were getting was one-sided; his fans were all betting against him to make the bet - they had lost all faith in him. Additionally, since an international wire can take up to three business days, even if Birdman decided that he was going to indeed place this record-setting wager, the money might not have been in his account by kick-off."

There is little doubt that Birdman let-down his fans by failing to follow through with his boast, but Mr. Mason explained that will be happy to accept Birdman's action in the future:

"I'm certain Birdman will be tweeting in the near future about a seven-figure NBA or March Madness bet. If he is serious, we will still be here with open arms."

And the offer isn't just for Birdman.

"Larger bettors have always known that is one of the few sportsbooks willing and able to take and pay seven-figure wagers. This should serve as an invitation to the uber high-end of the market, that stands ready to take multi-million dollar bets," Mason concluded.


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