Birmingham-Based Macular Health Announces New Dry Eye Formula

Mar 24, 2011, 09:30 ET from Macular Health

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Macular Health, a Birmingham-based company offering products for those suffering with macular degeneration, recently announced its new Dry Eye Formula supplement. The new vitamin is the fourth product in the Macular Health brand family and helps to reduce dry eye symptoms, including burning, stinging, redness and intermittent visual disturbances that currently affect more than 12 million people nationwide.

Macular Health LLC partnered with John O. Mason, III, M.D., a retina surgeon from the Callahan Eye Foundation Hospital at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, to develop the vitamin treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome. Mason based the Macular Health formula on recent studies that found that certain combinations of vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids tend to decrease inflammation and improve tear gland secretions.

"Our new Macular Health Dry Eye Formula has specific dosages of key ingredients to help maximize dry eye relief," said Macular Health LLC President and CEO Jeffery McAnnally. "We developed this new formula to treat the core of the problem from the inside out."

The key ingredients of Macular Health's Dry Eye Formula are borage seed oil, flaxseed oil and Omega-3 fish oil. Borage seed oil is used medicinally for dry eyes and as an anti-inflammatory for treating arthritis, as well as certain skin conditions and respiratory inflammation. Flaxseed oil, the world's richest source of Omega-3 fatty acids, helps to restore the oily portion of a tear film that moistens the eye. Omega-3 fish oil is also in the Dry Eye Formula, helping to improve additional tear production.

The Macular Health Dry Eye Formula not only contains the essential ingredients proven to benefit dry eye, but it is also one of the most affordable pharmaceutical-grade products available today selling for $10.50 per month. Additionally, the recommended dosage of two softgels per day is approximately half the dosage of leading competitors' products. For these reasons, many eye doctors are now recommending the new Macular Health Dry Eye Formula for their patients who suffer from dry eyes.

"I believe the Macular Health Dry Eye Formula we have developed will offer numerous benefits to every eye care patient and doctor out there," said Mason. "It fills the need of something our industry was missing in a dry eye formula – fewer pills per day, low price and most importantly, a safe and effective mix of ingredients."

To reach Jeffery McAnnally or John Mason, M.D., please contact Audrey Pannell at 205.503.5955 or You may also visit for additional information on this new product.


President and CEO Jeffery McAnnally helped to develop Macular Health LLC in 2003, with the help of an ophthalmologist who has a family history of age-related macular degeneration. Today, Macular Health's products are sold throughout the United States and the company is a leader in the ophthalmic nutraceutical industry. Macular Health LLC has a dedicated team of employees to provide excellent customer service and the best products for those suffering from macular degeneration.

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