Bitcoin Gaming Giant Announces Free Bitcoin on BetCoin ™ Prize Bitcoin Lottery and BetCoin ™ Connect

Dec 06, 2013, 15:06 ET from BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment

HONG KONG, December 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment network - an established icon of the Bitcoin gaming market is spreading its wings. BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment network has announced a free Bitcoin giveaway at BetCoin ™ Connect, and 3% leaderboard bonus on BetCoin ™ Prize Bitcoin Lottery, following the phenomenal success of  BetCoin ™ CircleBetCoin ™ Dice and BetCoin ™ Casino, with the equivalent  of 150 million dollars in Bitcoin paid out in winnings, and a combined 1,200 Bitcoins (worth roughly $1.5 Million USD) in free monthly prizes awarded to players in just four months.

BetCoin ™ Connect offers membership on an exclusive mailing list and some free Bitcoin for signing up. It just requires a valid email address to receive a bonus of over 0.001 BTC: enough to purchase a lottery ticket. New customers are showing that they're ready to play on the all-new BetCoin ™ Prize page, where the early adopters are winning big. Newbies can get a hands-on Bitcoin experience by downloading a free Bitcoin wallet, and signing up on BetCoin ™ Connect to receive free Bitcoins, enabling them to better understand this revolutionary digital currency, and the immense opportunities that it provides. 

The unique and innovative BetCoin ™ Prize Bitcoin Lottery now offers a 3% "Leaderboard Bonus". This means that the top 100 players each receive a percentage of all tickets purchased, which is 3% of all tickets purchased, divided into 100 equal parts, yielding .03% to each top player. For example, a 15-Day Diamond Prize Lottery Drawing for 1000 BTC would yield 0.3 BTC to each of the top 100 players, even if they bought their tickets at 0.001 BTC each - and this means a 30,000% Bitcoin bonus reward.

As an added bonus, during the entire month of December the BetCoin ™ Prize Bitcoin Lottery's inventive and generous "Jackpot Seed" will jump-start every lottery drawing. The jackpot seed encourages players to buy tickets even if no one else has purchased tickets yet. "Giving Bitcoin cash back and huge rewards to early adopters will become a standard in the Bitcoin ecosphere as businesses look for ways to crowd-source or gain traction," BetCoin ™ COO's assistant James Mason remarked. "With the jackpot seed, we eliminate early-adoption risk for our players, and quickly guarantee a larger jackpot." Mason also  hinted at big news coming from  BetCoin ™ in 2014 as Bitcoin "continues to take over the world," with over two dozen  completely new exciting projects being prepared for release. 

While individual consumers are able to enjoy all of the new offers from BetCoin ™, Bitcoin-based businesses can sign up and utilize the BetCoin ™ Connect platform in order to deliver various promotions, discounts, and other hot Bitcoin offers to their target market.

With huge growth in the Bitcoin industry, BetCoin ™ is poised to become the de-facto standard in Bitcoin gaming and entertainment. In addition to being a clear leader in the Bitcoin gaming industry, BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is already deeply seated in the Bitcoin economy; according to BetCoin ™ PR Director Peter Nolan "BetCoin ™ Bitcoin Entertainment Network is already deeply seated in the Bitcoin economy; according to BetCoin ™ PR Director Peter Nolan  "Since our inception, BetCoin ™ has been a key player, infusing millions of dollars in venture capital into Bitcoin. Our brand dominates the Bitcoin gaming market, but our focus is much broader. We will continue to create a unified network for our players, and offer newcomers an engaging, simple, and fun way to experience Bitcoin."

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