Bitfinder Introduces AWAIR: First Smart Device to Enable Communication with the Air Around You

Quantified Environment Connected Device and Software Platform AWAIR Launches at Code Conference for Preorder Availability

AWAIR Helps Consumers Understand and Control How Air Quality Impacts their Lifestyle, Health, Sleep, and Productivity

May 27, 2015, 16:15 ET from Bitfinder

SAN FRANCISCO, May 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Bitfinder, a company that builds smart products that help people customize and improve indoor air quality, today announced pre-order availability of AWAIR, the first complete, smart air quality device. AWAIR is the first product to not only track and analyze indoor air, but provide personalized solutions to improve air quality, and learn users' health conditions and preferences over time. AWAIR collects personalized data from the user's environment and then provides actionable insights and recommendations to improve air quality based on their unique lifestyle routines and health needs. Additionally, AWAIR connects to smart appliances such as thermostats and vacuum cleaners, and has a solution to turn appliances like humidifiers and purifiers into smart devices to help create optimal environments that positively impact health. Bitfinder co-founder Ronald Ro introduced AWAIR to the world at the annual Code Conference today.

"We each take more than 20,000 breaths a day, but the quality of the air we breathe in our immediate environment is often unknown," said Ronald Ro. "We created AWAIR to help people understand the impact of the air they breathe and allow them to control and remedy potentially harmful environments. It is exciting to help build a new avenue for connected devices that address air quality – one of the most important core competencies to health."

AWAIR uses advanced sensors to measure indoor temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (CO2), fine dust particles (PM2.5) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), and then programs itself based on the custom settings you input. Through a combination of dynamic benchmarking, pattern recognition, and self-improving algorithms, AWAIR analyzes the air quality data against your personal health conditions and concerns.  The data is analyzed and translated through the AWAIR App into recommendations for important behavioral changes and personalized environmental improvements that can be made immediately to help your sleep quality, productivity level, and peace of mind, ultimately linking to better health overall and increased energy.

"Bitfinder's AWAIR is a state-of-the-art technology product that is technical on the inside but whose design bucks current trends by instead looking traditional and unobtrusive on the outside," said Mike Nuttall, IDEO co-founder. "By creating a high-tech product with wood grain and natural finishes, AWAIR delivers on both design and utility while fitting beautifully into today's traditional home."

AWAIR Product Features

  • Precise Detection: AWAIR has implemented a state-of-the-art calibration chamber specified by the international standard in its manufacturing process to achieve the highest level of precision on its sensors. These sensors detect real-time data every few seconds over the course of a lifetime. With four sensors, AWAIR measures temperature, humidity, fine dust particles (PM2.5), VOC, and CO2.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Proprietary software architecture learns users' personal lifestyle routines and preferences over time to provide smarter and more relevant recommendations that help people develop healthier habits.
  • AWAIR Score: A combined function of user preference and advanced algorithms, the Score offers a full context representation of the air quality at a glance, from Poor to Fair to Good.
  • AWAIR App: With a beautifully designed user interface, AWAIR can send push notifications when air quality ventures out of users' personalized favorable range, including air quality improvement recommendations based on benchmark standards from the Environmental Protection Agency and various relevant scientific research results. The app is a one-stop dashboard collecting, analyzing and displaying data for multiple devices.
  • Smart Home Connection: Simple to set up to a power source and WiFi, AWAIR has the ability to connect to other smart home devices and personal health trackers such as the Misfit Shine and the Philips Hue Smart Bulb, and are developing on other existing platforms such as the Works with Nest and IFTTT so that users can customize an optimal environment tailored to their own health concerns and preferences.
  • Software Platform: AWAIR's API-driven software combined with a small connectivity device called AWAIR Connect can turn appliances like humidifiers and purifiers into smart devices that can optimize consumers' environment.
  • Secure Data: All information is encrypted over TLS (Transport Layer Security) and AES 256 bit encryption so that user data is private and visible only to those given authorized access. Generalized data available through the API is abstracted so individuals are never identified.
  • Environmentally Conscious Design: Built with real solid wood to be free from adhesive and chemical compounds like VOC and finished with natural oils instead of chemical varnish, the packaging is all recyclable paper and pulp.

Pricing and Availability

AWAIR will be available for pre-order in May 2015 and units will ship in early Fall of 2015. Pre-order pricing for a single unit is $149 USD. Multi-unit packages can be pre-ordered for $249 USD (2 units) and $479 USD (4 units). Pre-order pricing will be available for a limited window. AWAIR is available in English, with other languages to follow.

For more information and to pre-order AWAIR, visit

About Bitfinder

Bitfinder's vision reaches beyond developing next-generation connected devices and the company is passionate about improving peoples' lives in conjunction with indoor air quality around the globe. To tackle one of the biggest issues in the world, Bitfinder dedicates 1% of total revenue to preventing health complications that arise from the use of solid fuel in cooking stoves. Four million women and children die each year from lower respiratory disease related to indoor cooking smoke. At Bitfinder, we believe in taking aggressive action to solve this issue together, and we welcome ideas, solutions, feedback and collaboration. Please join us in this effort by contacting

The Bitfinder team is dedicated to helping people understand the impact of the air they breathe and make healthier lifestyle decisions. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York and Seoul, Korea, Bitfinder was founded in 2013 by Ronald Ro, CEO and Kevin Cho, CTO. The team of software engineers, data scientists, industrial and visual designers combine a range of consumer product and technology development experience from IDEO, Boeing, Samsung, and Cisco, among others. Bitfinder is privately funded, and in the development of AWAIR the company partnered with Misfit, R/GA, and Techstars. For more information visit


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