Bitrix Introduces TrafficJuggler(TM) Technology for Industry-Leading Performance of High-Load Websites

Independent Testing Confirms Bitrix(R) Site Manager's Capability to Provide Quality Service for up to 4 Million Unique Website Visitors Per Day With Modest Hardware Equipment

Jun 10, 2010, 05:58 ET from Bitrix, Inc.

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, June 10, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Bitrix, Inc. (, a technology trendsetter in web-based business communications, introduces TrafficJuggler( TM), a unique traffic balancing, caching and compression technology that allows for sustainable operation of extremely loaded websites running on the modest hardware. As confirmed by the independent testing Bitrix(R) Site Manager peak performance reaches 222 requests per second while maintaining acceptable level of service quality.

TrafficJuggler(TM) leverages advantages of the queuing theory, which is a prevailing technology for implementing high-performance and fault-tolerant processes in broadband and mobile networks. It considers a number of factors to engineer the best web requests handling model and provide quality service to website visitors. Indeed, the TrafficJuggler(TM) acts as an intelligent mediator between users and Bitrix Site Manager queuing incoming requests, feeding them for processing and then delivering the results to browsers.

Powered by original Bitrix caching, database interaction and compression ( modes TrafficJuggler(TM) effectively solves bottlenecks with handling huge traffic amounts without performance regression, ensures industry-leading website response time and increase browsing speed. As a result it provides visitors high-quality website experience at lower cost: even a heavy traffic can be handled with the modest hardware equipment. At the same time low and mid-load websites will have an extra safety factor for traffic splashes and better resistance to DDoS-attacks.

Administrators can control website performance with built-in performance monitoring module ( The module gathers statistics from different sources, analyses, displays detailed report identifying bottlenecks and suggests real-time advisory for increase the performance.

The TrafficJuggler(TM) efficiency was confirmed by an independent testing performed by web experts at Ontico ( , specializing on development of high-performance web projects.

The test was based on a simple computer with Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E4500 2.20GHz, 2Gb RAM and 250Gb 7200rpm HDD. The test encountered Bitrix Site Manager peak performance at 19,187,712 requests per day and effective performance at 11,232,000 requests per day that provides acceptable response time (0,4sec) and fault-tolerance (0,04%).

"Our extensive experience in evaluating different content management systems allows to make a solid conclusion: Bitrix Site Manager is one of the most robust solutions in the market that delivers customers a great value in terms of functionality and performance," said Oleg Bounine, CEO of Ontico.

You can learn more about testing methodology and get the detailed performance testing report at

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