Bizo Launches "Full-Funnel Analytics" to Boost Visibility into Display Advertising Effectiveness

B2B brand and direct response marketers can now quantify the impact of display advertising at every stage of the marketing funnel

Sep 17, 2013, 08:00 ET from Bizo

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Bizo, the global leader in business audience marketing, today announced it has launched Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, new reporting capabilities in the Bizo Marketing Platform that enable marketers to identify and measure the impact of display advertising at every stage of the marketing funnel for the first time. Using Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, B2B marketers can more accurately measure the impact of their display advertising according to specific marketing objectives, rather than rely on "last-click" attribution.


"Display advertising has evolved into a true full-funnel strategy for today's online marketers," said Samuel Adler, director of global demand generation and analyst relations at Zuora. "With Bizo, not only can we reach our target audiences at scale and at every stage of the buying process, but we can also use out-of-the-box analytics to gain visibility into what's working best for us."

Bizo's platform includes proprietary data on more than 85 percent of the US business population and enhanced attribution tracking capabilities. Combined, these enable Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics to identify the business demographic profile of website visitors, their exposure to Bizo display advertising and how that exposure changes their purchase behavior.

Marketers can use Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics to:

  • Measure the number of new website visitors resulting from Bizo display advertising, and compare to visitors from other channels.
  • Determine the Cost Per New Visitor (CPNV) of each new Bizo-introduced visitor and optimize the cost for acquiring a new prospect.
  • Compare the lift in website engagement and conversions of visitors exposed to Bizo display advertising versus those not exposed to ads.
  • Identify the business demographics of those visiting—and converting—on their websites, and track trends over time.
  • Measure the number of display advertising impressions delivered against specific business target audiences.

"As the B2B buyer's journey has become more complex, marketers must employ a diverse set of programs that impact and influence prospects throughout the buying process — and be able to measure their efforts," said Russell Glass, CEO of Bizo. "Given the length of today's B2B buying process, relying on click-through rates or employing 'last-click' attribution is misleading at best, and just inaccurate at worst. With Bizo Full-Funnel Analytics, B2B marketers can now measure the exact impact of their display advertising at every step of the buyer's journey and fuel winning programs accordingly."

"NorBella helps big brands understand the meaning of their display advertising metrics within the context of their specific objectives," said Jessica Carmona, Media Director at the agency. "Bizo's new reporting capabilities, including the ability to determine the cost, engagement and conversion levels of new visitors aligns well with our internal reporting metrics. Working with Bizo, we're able to deliver optimal results to our clients."

About Bizo

Bizo is how B2B marketers identify and reach their target audiences online.  Fueled by Bizo's audience of more than 120 million professionals around the world, including more than 85% of the U.S. business population, the Bizo Marketing Platform can precisely target business people by specific business demographic criteria. Bizo's customers use the platform's data management and targeting capabilities to reach audiences anywhere they travel online and engage those that come to their websites, landing pages, and social channels.  Bizo has earned the confidence of more than 750 SMB marketers and large global brands including AMEX, Mercedes Benz, Monster,, Porsche, Microsoft, AT&T, and UPS who use Bizo to impact every stage of their sales and marketing funnels.