Bizo Levels Online Advertising Playing Field for Small- and Mid-Sized B2B Marketers With BizAds

Bizo's self-service advertising platform enables B2B marketers of all sizes to create, target and execute new display or text campaigns within minutes - with as little as $5 a day

Jun 02, 2010, 09:00 ET from Bizo

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- Bizo (, the world's largest online B2B audience targeting platform and advertising network, today announced the launch of Bizo BizAds. Available in beta, the self-service online advertising platform lets B2B marketers – regardless of their size or budget – easily and cost-effectively reach more than 60 million targeted business people across the Web. By allowing marketers to see the "bizographic" data, or business demographics, of site visitors, BizAds ensures marketers can get their advertisements in front of exactly the right business audience every time.

Replicon, Inc., a global leader in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based timesheets and expense-tracking software, sees the immediate benefits of BizAds for small- to mid-sized businesses and plans to use the platform to enhance how it reaches its B2B audiences.

"Display advertising is a great mechanism for engaging target prospects early and often in the buying process and getting lift across your marketing programs. That said, it's been predominantly the domain of the very large B2B advertiser who could afford to invest in awareness and brand-building initiatives," said David Cain, Replicon Vice President of Marketing. "The potential value of BizAds for the small- to mid-sized business market is huge. With BizAds, we'll have confidence that we're effectively spending our marketing dollars and putting our ads in front of our target prospects, and only our target prospects. Flexible budget requirements and precise B2B targeting make it easy to incorporate more display into our marketing plans."  

BizAds offers precise demographic targeting, based on the bizographic data that truly impacts the B2B buying process – including company size, seniority, job function, industry and location. By giving marketers access to specific details about their audiences, BizAds reduces irrelevant impressions and improves brand saturation with the audiences that matter. As a result, marketers enjoy more highly qualified and highly responsive leads who saw a targeted ad on a Bizo-identified website.

"While the Internet presents a promising opportunity for marketers with limited resources interested in increasing their reach and brand awareness, many simply don't know how or have the time to create, target and execute effective ad campaigns," said Russell Glass, Bizo CEO. "Based on the feedback of our existing clients, we created BizAds to remove the traditionally prohibitive cost of entry for smaller marketers and empower them to develop ad campaigns once reserved for those with larger budgets."  

With just four steps and a credit card, B2B marketers can set up their own display or text ad campaign:

  1. Define the target business audience by key bizographics
  2. Create the text or display advertising, or upload existing ad content
  3. Set the daily budget anywhere from $5 to $300 a day
  4. Confirm payment details

BizAds places the ad on the hundreds of high-quality business, news and technology sites that are part of Bizo's network, which reaches millions of business professionals across the Web.

Medforma, a leading provider of affordable, proven interactive behavior change programs that improve employee health & productivity and lower health costs for the organization, likes how BizAds simplifies the ad campaign process into just a few steps.

"We are excited about how BizAds makes it easy to move from a campaign concept to execution without having to devote extensive time and resources," said Barbara Reindl Pjevach, Medforma Senior Vice President of Marketing & Administration. "Since BizAds requires just a few dollars to start, we can test the platform with one campaign and add more as we see fit. Plus, the short four-step process means we don't need to be ad experts to reach the B2B audiences we want."

Bizo works with several of the largest B2B advertisers and looks to expand its customer base to smaller organizations through BizAds. Existing customers include FedEx, JP Morgan Chase, Liberty Mutual and Sprint.

To see firsthand how Bizo BizAds can help small- and mid-sized businesses achieve higher display ad ROI through the precise targeting of business audiences, please visit

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Bizo, Inc. is the world's largest targeted B2B audience targeting platform and advertising network, and currently reaches more than 60 million targeted business people across thousands of sites on the web. Bizo has created a new approach to online B2B marketing with precise ad targeting that's based on a prospect's bizographics -- industry, functional area, seniority, size of company, education, gender, location and more. This unique understanding of a person's bizographics allows Bizo to anonymously deliver powerful ad targeting based on these attributes and behaviors. Bizo is privately held and based in San Francisco, Calif.