B&L Properties Offers Living in Style Off-Campus at IUP

Aug 26, 2015, 10:22 ET from B&L Properties

INDIANA, Pa., Aug. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The college dorm isn't necessarily the norm for today's college student. That's because, more often than not, they are living off campus, and off-campus housing is better and more affordable than ever. And the best part is that the amenities just keep coming!

At the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, students who live off campus, whether by choice or necessity, are in good hands.  Luke Martin and his team at B&L Properties are there for them, offering a combination of newly constructed apartment units and renovated, modernized existing properties. A building with multiple units was recently completed and fully occupied for another school year and the housing provider is in its second full year of 100-percent occupancy.

The new buildings offer everything from three- and four-bedroom units, each with a bath, to smaller, more intimate apartments, and you can go on-line to browse through a detailed catalogue of apartments at iupoffcampus.com. It is something that has to be done early before the annual crush of students looking for a place to live.

All B&L units are within three blocks of the campus, and some students will tell you that they walked further to class when they lived on the sprawling 350-acre campus.  Getting back to those amenities, residents of the new buildings have the use of a recently completed sand volleyball court and a fire pit. In the spring they will be breaking ground for an adjoining gym and a clubhouse.

Only 32 percent of the students at IUP live in campus housing, according to collegedata.com, and that includes 80 percent of the freshman class to whom housing is guaranteed. That same source tells us that the average cost of room and board at public four-year colleges like IUP was almost $10,000 in 2014-15. So B&L Properties puts a priority on privacy and affordability, as well as "peace of mind for parents of students housed off campus." All the housing is truly "within walking distance" of the campus along the city bus route and that, of course, means safety and security for students often living on their own for the first time.  The buildings themselves promise security, accessible to only those who live there.

Not only do students and their parents get to pick out their apartments online, but they may also pay their rent the same way. The apartments are fully furnished, including washers and dryers and that necessity for any student— reliable high-speed internet. The accent on affordability includes a willingness to work with students who rely on financial aid. Timely response to maintenance issues is part of the package, and website testimonials prove how much that is appreciated by students.

Colleges and universities, because of a housing demand that cannot be met on most campuses, recognize the importance of finding off-campus accommodations. However, the Office of Housing, Residential Living and Dining makes it clear that "IUP makes no living arrangements other than in its own residence facilities."

Whether you are looking for housing for a group of eight or the privacy of living alone or with just one roommate, B&L Properties strives to keep parents "in the loop," but it is also "bridging the gap" to living independently.


SOURCE B&L Properties