Blac Label Introduces The Most Realistic E-cig

Events, sponsorship & iconic images to drive awareness

Jan 29, 2014, 15:23 ET from Blac Label

NEW YORK, Jan. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Blac Label announced the roll out of what promises to be the most realistic E-cig on the market concluding two years of research and development. Products will feature a new filter almost identical to an actual cigarette, enhanced mouth feel, and will be accurate in size and weight.

Blac Label Inc, a subsidiary of LifeWorks Technology Group, maker of the iHome and Lifeworks line of accessories, will present the updated filter and delivery system for the line of premium electronic cigarettes to coincide with the start of the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo in Las Vegas. President of Blac Label Harry Tawil stated, "We are actively leveraging long standing retail relationships developed through Lifeworks to secure additional distribution for Blac Label products."

The brand's new web site, which will launch February 2, will allow users to learn about new products, transact in the upgraded e-commerce section and experience the new lifestyle campaign featuring iconic smokers that will support the brand in the coming months.

Lifestyle, luxury, iconic images and celebrity endorsement have been integrated into a new marketing campaign launching in the coming months. The campaign will utilize a rolling thunder approach with a combination of guerilla and experiential marketing to create organic content pushed out through social media channels.

The specifics as to the celebrities, events and genres being targeted are a closely guarded secret. However, Tawil promises "impact and effectiveness of the highest order. With an organic media supported by presence at high profile events and a social media blitz, Blac Label has committed a cost effective but impactful campaign needed to enter this crowded field."

Wholesalers and Retailers interested in meeting with the Blac Label team can do so at the Tobacco Plus Convenience Expo in Las Vegas @ booth #678 in the south hall of the LVCC. Appointments are strongly encouraged by calling John Stefano at 704-264-7686 or

ABOUT BLAC LABEL: Based in NYC Blac Label is a new line of electronic cigarettes, cigars, hookahs and vaporizers. Through extensive research and development, Blac Label developed a line of products that have been hand crafted by select tobacconists. Our collective mission is simple; to provide classic flavors with a smooth draw and a timeless taste while offering the most realistic experience our customers love. With sensational flavors, everyone from the seasoned smoker to occasional "vapers" can enjoy a Blac Label e-cig.
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