Black Pearl Systems Unveils a New Company Name and Product Line: Lyve & Lyvehome

Lyve provides consumers with a new solution for collecting, sorting, and protecting photos and videos

Dec 18, 2013, 09:03 ET from Lyve

CUPERTINO, Calif., Dec. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Black Pearl Systems, a startup founded in 2012, today announced its new company name, Lyve Minds™ (Lyve™) and a new series of products. Lyve has assembled a proven team with a shared goal of creating a simple solution enabling consumers to enjoy their personal photos and videos on the go or in the home, giving them the freedom to capture more of life's most important moments. 

In today's mobile-focused world, consumers are taking millions of photos on their devices. About 1.6 trillion photos are taken annually with smartphones and other cameras, compared with roughly 100 billion photos taken in 20001. Lyve aims to be a complete solution for these consumers – an infinite camera roll and a simplified approach to relive life's moments. Through Lyve products, people will be able to capture content without worrying about the device-specific storage limits or not having access to their favorite memories.

The Lyve solution includes LyveHome™, a high-capacity device for the mobile consumer powered by the Lyve app, which will be available for iOS, Android, OS X and Windows devices. The Lyve app brings together the consumer's entire photo and video collection across platforms and makes the content accessible on any connected device at any time. Lyve also protects this content by making copies and distributing them across the user's connected personal storage devices, including the LyveHome. The LyveHome provides a user-friendly foundation for the experience, as it is a touch-screen, always-on device that can hold millions of photos and videos. As a consumer's collection grows, Lyve can extend to accommodate more content and more devices with storage.

"Every day people are taking photos and videos on their mobile devices. I'm a big sports fan, and at every event I go to I see people experiencing what is happening at the game through their smart phones," says Tim Bucher, CEO of Lyve. "I have seen how easy capturing content has become, but managing that content has become increasingly complicated. We end up with our most precious life moments scattered across multiple devices or clouds. Lyve was created as an end-to-end solution for how consumers can most easily collect, sort and protect their personal content."

Lyve and LyveHome will be available for download and purchase in Spring 2014. The company is showcasing Lyve and LyveHome at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Meetings are available by request.

About Lyve Minds, Inc.
Lyve is focused on creating the best experience for collecting, sorting, and protecting consumers' photos and videos. Lyve believes technology should serve us better, and in today's increasingly mobile world consumers require a better solution for enjoying all of life's moments captured across our devices. Lyve provides a complete mobile solution consisting of the LyveHome, an always-on device, powered by the Lyve app that allows for the flow of photos and videos across device ecosystems in one, consistent collection. Lyve is a start-up based in Cupertino, CA, and is made up of a proven team who has been a part of bringing to market some of the world's leading consumer products. For more information, visit Lyve's website,

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